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Avengers Face A New Enemy In Marvel’s Avengers Releasing In 2020

They skipped Hawkeye again

The climax of Square Enix’s E3 Conference brought the Avengers on show, the new Avengers game by Square Enix has been in development for quite some time and today’s reveal shed new light on the game.

Developed together by Square Enix and Marvel game, the Marvel’s Avengers will see your favorite superheroes in a new story altogether. The cast contains all of the original Avengers minus Hawkeye. We got to see a bit of the story in the trailer and it shows the aftermath after the events that took place after A day.


It then shows how earth lost faith in their heroes in the 5 years since that event and how they must band together to save the earth. We also got to see Antman in action bringing a new shrinking gun along with him and using on a robotic spider-like machine.

The cast includes some of the biggest voice actors in the gaming industry like Troy Baker and Nolan North. Marvel and Crystal Dynamics confirmed that there won’t be loot boxes in the game, throwing shade at EA and that all expansion packs and new superheroes will be totally free of cost.

There is however an advantage to PlayStation 4 owners as they will get a chance to get their hands on beta before anyone else and will have further exclusive bonuses which will be announced in the coming months.


The game will be released on the 15th of May 2020 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.