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Marvel’s Avengers Will Certainly Have Microtransactions In The Game

As one of the biggest film franchise ever is getting ready to be made into a video game, news about Marvel’s Avengers have been pouring in continuously, moreover the people at Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics assured fans that the game will not have a loot box system which has derailed so many games over the past few years.

But that does not mean that the game will be without microtransactions, as it turns out IGN, pressed on the matter about the game having any sort of microtransactions and the game developers have confirmed that Marvel’s Avengers will have some form of it but as of right now it is mostly going to be for cosmetic items.

The developers have assured fans that the microtransactions in the game will certainly not affect gameplay and there will be no scenario where you have to pay to play or progress in the game, the inclusion of microtransactions for cosmetic items in games can be justified as long as they do not affect the gameplay and or provide additional bonuses without having another option of earning them in the game.

This does, however, bring up a ton of questions as to what cosmetic items can the developers include in the game, maybe we will get to see all 52 Iron man suits or all of Captain America’s MCU costumes which have been shown over the past 11 years. It all depends on what the developers have in mind and what can and cannot be part of the game.