Mario Golf Super Rush Character Tier List

Here's our tier list for Mario Golf Super Rush for the best characters to choose from.

Here’s our Mario Golf Super Rush tier list featuring the best and strongest characters based on stats. The sixth installment in the Mario Golf series brings 16 playable characters and different abilities and game modes. With the help of this list, you can pick good characters to use and also know which ones to avoid.

Mario Golf Super Rush Tier List

Mario Golf Super Rush Tier List

Here’s our Mario Golf Super Rush Tier List from the best character in S Tier to the worst to avoid in F Tier.

S Tier Rosalina
A Tier Boo, Bowser
B Tier Wario, Waluigi
C Tier Donkey Kong, Chargin’ Chuck
D Tier Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser Jr.
E Tier Daisy, King Bob-omb, Pauline, Toad
F Tier Peach, Mario

You read it right, Mario is one of the least capable characters in the game right now with his Special Shot called Super Star Strike, which just shoots away balls on hits. Also, his Special Dash is generic Moonsault Dash which at its best knocks over other opponents while Mario slides around and jumps over. So it’s best to avoid him if you are planning to win in any kind of competitive match.

Mario Golf Super Rush Rosalina (S Tier)

Mario Golf Super Rush Rosalina

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the all arounder Rosalina as the best character in Mario Golf Super Rush. Even her stats are similar to Mario and other characters with 210 yd Power, 10/15 Stamina, 8/10 Speed, 8/10 Control, and 3/10 Spin, he stands due to her special abilities. Her Special Shot is called Shooting Star and her Special Dash is Luma Dash. Her Shooting Star turns balls into a literal shooting star with trails.

Mario Golf Super Rush has three run modes as slow, normal, and fast. Rosalina’s normal run is faster than any other character in the roster. He also has versatile clubs in her possession that are suited for both long and close shots. And in her Luma Dash ability, she can call upon two Lumas that revolve around her to knock off any other opponents in the vicinity.

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