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Bungie’s Marathon Release Date, Trailer, Platforms, & More

This ain't 1994! Here's where you can find out everything about the Marathon release date, its supported platforms, story, rumors, leaks, and more.

From the creators of Halo and Destiny 2, Bungie brings back Marathon the game with a reboot. Since it was initially released in 1994, it might be raising questions like “What is Marathon?“, or is it connected to Halo or Destiny franchises? Being an Apple Mac-exclusive FPS game back then, Marathon is a spiritual predecessor to both franchises. But as this game was announced in PlayStation Showcase 2023, many players want to know about this game’s release date, story, supported platforms, and more. So, here’s everything to know about Bungie’s Marathon Release Date.

Marathon Release Date Speculation

The release date of Marathon has not been confirmed by Bungie as of now. Marathon’s official website states that the game is currently in development. So, it’s safe to speculate that the game will release in the year 2024 or 2025. But as the game is in development, it can even take more time. Since CEO Pete Parson had previously shared that Bungie will release a Non-Destiny game by 2025, we can expect Marathon to come out before that.

It’s confirmed that Marathon will be a sci-fi PvP Extraction Shooter. Joining the likes of Escape from Tarkov, Warzone 2’s DMZ mode, & other FPS Extraction Shooters, this will be Bungie’s first game other than Destiny. Being a runner, you must survive different rounds amongst other players for riches and fame. Likewise, there will be persistent zones with changing environments and worlds during your runs.

marathon release date

What is the Marathon’s Story

As stated on their official website, Marathon is set in the year 2850 in Tau Ceti IV planet. Over this planet, a massive ghost ship hangs in a low orbit. While 30,000 Souls residing on this planet have disappeared. Its premise will revolve around clone technology that allows a person to shift their consciousness from their body to new, synthetic bodies.

Since you become a runner, you will venture into unknown places in a fight for fame and infamy. During your journey, you will loot mysterious artifacts, long-dormant Ai, untold riches, and more.

What Platforms is the game going to be on?

Considering Sony’s acquisition of Bungie, many players would expect the game to be a PS Exclusive. On the contrary, Bungie confirmed that the Marathon will be coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, and PC. Its official website has confirmed that Marathon will include full support for crossplay and cross-save.

That means, similar to Destiny 2, players can save their progress while playing on different platforms.

Bungie’s Marathon Gameplay Trailer

Currently, there is no gameplay focussed trailer for Marathon by Bungie. However, you can check out the Announcement trailer shown during PS Showcase 2023 below:

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