Among Us Maps Tier List – Best Maps Ranked

Want to know which is the best map in Among Us and which one isn't so preferred by players? Here's our Among Us Maps Tier list that's been compiled taking into consideration the general views of the community.

Among Us experienced explosive popularity in 2020 and is still doing pretty well for itself. With updates including the one with roles, it has ensured that players always have something new to do. There are quite a few maps available in the game and in this article, we have created an Among Us Maps Tier List.

Among Us Maps Tier List

As of now, there are 4 maps in Among Us and one is going to be announced soon. Here’s our ranking of every map from best to “worst”. Of course, there is no map that’s terrible, just that we like the other ones better. Plus, we’ve also taken the community rankings into consideration.

S Tier – The Skeld Map

among us map skeld

This is the map that is the most popular and the favorite of most players. It’s the first map that was released in the game and when Among Us became viral, the rooms that actually became famous were all in The Skeld. Every room is well-placed and gives the right amount of excitement (as an imposter) and nervousness (as a crewmate). The tasks are fun and it’s a map that’s pretty balanced. This is why it deserves the top spot on our list.

A Tier – Polus

among us map polus

The Polus map is a base on a planet and it has new tasks, security system, sabotages, door mechanics and a bathroom. The door opening format is different from The Skeld and the cameras have a wider view than The Skeld. So, Impostors need to be careful. Instead of Reactors, there are Seismic stabilizers and the Oxygen depletion/Reactor Meltdown tasks are replaced. Vents also look different in this one. All in all, this is in the A tier because it is good, but just not The Skeld good.

B Tier – Mira HQ

among us map mira hq

This was the second map that Among Us received and is the smallest map available. It has 14 locations and 19 tasks to do. Basically, it is located in the MIRA headquarters in a skyscraper and has new door/vent mechanics and a new security system. Players/crewmates come here after being in space on The Skeld. Due to the placement of vents and how they are connected, it becomes tougher to understand who is the imposter, adding a nice challenge to players. Based on community feedback, this is a nice map to play when you are bored of The Skeld and Polus, but mostly isn’t the first choice of players.

C Tier – The Airship

Among Us Maps Tier List

The newest map at the time of writing is The Airship. A lot was riding on this new map which is also the biggest. There’s no submit scan task, the sound of dead body reported is different in this one and there’s also a new kill animation. The Cockpit is present instead of Navigation and the Cargo Bay is present instead of Storage. Many have said that the map is too big and makes it an Imposter’s playground. There will be moments when there will be no one around you for quite some time which is boring if you are a crewmate. Due to the large area where the players are present in, the overall game, eveb with max players, ends up taking the thrill away.

So, this was our Among Us Maps Tier List where we’ve ranked the maps from best to not-so-best. For more Among us guides related to the newest updates, check out our linked section.