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How to Manage Cargo Weight in Death Stranding – Cargo Optimization Tips

So that you don't fall

Sam is a porter, his objective is to make deliveries. After taking an Order from a center you will be carrying enough cargo with accessories like Ladder, hooks, etc. So it is highly important to optimize your weight so that you can move fast and avoid enemies. There are enemies like BT’s to pull in the dead world and Mules to rob your Cargo. So how do you manage Cargo weight in Death Stranding, well there is an instant tip that can help you. Through this Death Stranding weight management tip you can improve your mobility and move faster without falling much.

How to Manage Cargo Weight


Sam can carry a limited amount of Cargo on his suit, above 70 turns out to be a problem. It affects the overall movement causing Sam to tilt left or right and fall bad damaging the Cargo. If you are moving under Timefall rain, too much cargo can slow you down damaging the containers. So overall you have to strategize your deliver before you load too many boxes on your back. This is what you have to do.

When you interact with the Access Terminal to confirm a Order, this is where you can choose how to load all the Cargo under Delivery Preparation. You can place it on the back, on left and right arm and on the left and right thighs. Eventually you can hold X to load all of them at a single time and then press Triangle to auto-arrange cargo weight. Just remember carry necessary items like at-least one ladder if you plan to grab it back or two with a climbing anchor. Also carry one fabricated PCC, to set up a PCC box on your way to deposit lost cargo in it.

Improper weight will damage your Endurance a lot, also while running it will slow Sam down and consume his stamina faster. On the bottom left of screen near the status bar you can see the capacity, if this number turns yellow means the weight is unmanageable. Do not move when the numbers are red.


The good thing is Cargo menu of Death Stranding all you to auto optimize the weight, which saves a lot of time and even balance all the containers around Sam’s body. In case you are losing balance stop and hold L2+ R2 for few seconds. Sam will stop from falling. Do the same in rivers and do not jump into deep water. You will lose all your cargo’s and it is a pain running behind it.

While turning right press L2 to balance and while turning left press R2. This will avoid unnecessary misbalance, and this happens mostly on uneven land. Like on mountains. Press R1 to scan the terrain and run on the blue section. Ahead you will unlock vehicles which will help you to manage more weight.

Death Stranding also has a Power Skeleton that will increase your capacity to carry more weight it will be unlocked at Center Region, city on the south of Lake Knot City where you have to find a the Engineer. You will earn rewards from the Engineer when you offer deliveries. You can upgrade your Power Skeleton and carry more weight.