Man of the House – Walkthrough & How to unlock MC Ending

Check here to know how to unlock all endings in Man of the House.

Man of the House is a naughty game with over 30 to 40 hours of content full of beautiful women. It is a Sandbox game with an interaction-based game mechanism. As the lead character, you can connect and interact with various female NPC’s in Man of the House to unlock sweet rewards in the end. There are amusing dialogues, unexpected plot twists, and a lot more.

In this Man of the House Walkthrough, I will share how to unlock all endings. So let’s begin.

Man of the House Walkthrough

Before we start here are some crucial points to unlock Man of the House Endings. To make things work faster you will have to cheat for money and set your Mood level to Max. Interact with a character to an extent no points are left. Complete MC’s path to the end and repeat the same with other characters in Man of the House. This will make things easier as we proceed with unlocking endings in the game.

How to unlock MC’s Ending Walkthrough?

Complete the Instruction Day where MC will unlock her first achievement in the game. That is Learning the Ropes along with +5 Mom Love. To fully upgrade buy everything. The next step is to increase Intellect and Start Charisma.

Tips to increase Intellect & Charisma?

Go to Health Club and do a Workout at 10:00. Talk to Amy twice during the club period. Go to Tanning Room and tan once per day. Next, go to work at the pizzeria until you unlock M*lf Level 3 alternate payment. Learn computer via an online course, there is no specific time limit for this. Finally at 18:00 travel by transit to open Casino.

All these activities will help you to increase your intellect and charisma in the House of the Man game. The next step is to boost Strength and Charisma to proceed towards the endings.

Tips to increase Strength & Charisma?

To max out Charisma keep taking tan in the Health Club. You can do this once per day so you have to visit multiple times. That is 10.00 every day. Next at 12:00 go for Training to improve your strength. Repeat this until you reach 50 Strength.

At 12:30 work at the Health Club. You will need to unlock 30 strength to complete this activity and Training is the only way of doing this. Keep working until you unlock Blonde Level 3. This again requires 50 strength.

During the night walk and find a guy with the taser. Continue walking to find a thief and use a taser on him.

  1. Where to find Pam – You can find her between 11:00 > 00.59 PM at the pizzeria.
  2. Where to find Megan – You can find her at the Coffee shop. At 8:00 talk to her about the Police station and then talk to Veronica. At 11:00 you can talk to MC with the help of Veronica. This will unlock an achievement.
  3. Where to find Valerie – She is the Neon Club Owner can be found in the Neon Club behind the bar between 00:00 > 05.00.
  4. Geminight – They are recording a new album in the City.

Man of the House Events

A few more events can help you to unlock Man of the House Endings. Listing them below.

  • Dream – Having strange dream while sleeping.
  • Scold – Check on Veronica.
  • It’s alright, I guess – Check on Ashley.
  • Check on Mom or Claire.
  • That Depends – Check on Veronica.
  • During Ashley’s Drink, select Red Wine and read Message.
  • Veronica’s Drink will be in Manhattan.
  • Check Irish Coffee for Mom’s or Claire’s Drink.
  • Check for things in your Room.

How to view Endings in Man of the House?

You can view the unlocked endings by selecting your bed and then choosing option Thinking about the Future. So here is the list of all Man of the House Endings and how to unlock them.

Steps to unlock Ashley’s Endings:

  • Max all stats with Ashley
  • Max all stats with Sophia
  • Purchase Pregnancy test from the Drug Store.

Steps to unlock Veronica’s Endings:

  • Max all stats with Veronica
  • Max all stats with Amy
  • Overpower Debby at the Masquerade.

Steps to unlock Claire’s Mom Endings:

  • The first ending can be unlocked at the office.
  • Max Claire’s Mom Max Stats.

With these, there is two more Man of the House endings unlocked in 1.0.1 and 1.0.2. which include Emma, Pam, and Claire’s Mom second ending.

  • Max all stats with Emma
  • Max all stats with Pam
  • Max all stats with Diane for Claire’s Mom second ending.

Finally, all endings are done and you know how to unlock them. But there is one more special ending that unlocks after watching all the other endings in Man of the House. For this, you will need to watch every ending and then max Ashley’s Jealousy and Claire’s Mom Suspicion. Have fun checking out each and every ending in Man of the House.