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Malenia Bug In Elden Ring After Patch 1.04 (Explained)

What is the Malenia bug in Elden Ring after Patch 1.04 and how does it affect solo or co-op players who summon others? Find out here.

Malenia has never known defeat – now more than ever before. Your character’s fight with her is going to be one of the toughest, if not THE toughest fight in this game. Patch 1.04 doesn’t mention any changes about Malenia but unfortunately a major bug has appeared during your battle with Malenia in Elden Ring. Here’s how to tackle it until it gets fixed.

Malenia Healing Bug in Elden Ring after Patch 1.04


malenia healing elden ring

If the original fight wasn’t hard enough (where Malenia could heal herself by attacking you, even when blocked) now Malenia is bugged. She self-heals continuously wihout even hitting you, making her (mostly) unbeatable. She is so overpowered now that even Let Me Solo Her is having a tough time which is a nightmare for any other non-legendary player like me.

Note that this is mostly happening to only those players who are summoning a player to fight against her. So the only way to avoid getting this OP Malenia boss fight is to try to defeat her all by yourself or by playing offline. Of course, since it’s a bug, it might rear its head even if you are playing solo. But it won’t be as frequent as it is while playing in co-op mode.


Many players have mentioned this bug on Reddit, and even Let Me Solo Her has acknowledged it. Here’s a video by him which shows the current state of the boss battle. And yes, he is still able to whittle down her health and beat her:

Although we did mention that there were no specific changes made to Malenia in this patch, the fact that this is happening to co-op players says a lot. Something has gone most likely wrong in the changes related to multiplayer – and there are quite a few done in Patch 1.04. For example, the devs increased online multiplayer stability, fixed bugs related to Steam multiplayer, handled some issues during the fight with Rennala Queen Of The Full Moon, and more. Hopefully, this is patched out soon but if not, only Let Me Solo her will be our lone savior.