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Mal’s Halo Tier List: Best Halos Ranked (April 2023)

Looking for the best halos in Royale High? Check out Mal's Halo tier list to find out the best halos ranked from best to worst.

Royale High is a game or experience that has crossed over 8.5+ billion visits on Roblox. If you are looking for Mal’s Halo tier list, you have come to the right place. Mal is a popular Twitter handle that keeps on updating his followers with the latest tier list. Along with this, Mal also updates his followers with the demand and value list of Halos. We have compiled the best halos and placed them into different tiers ranking from S tier to D tier. So, check out Mal’s Halo Tier list to find out all the Halos ranked from best to worst.

Mal’s Halo Tier List – Best Halos Ranked (April 2023)

mal halo tier list

Here’s the Halo Tier list by Mal ranking all the Halos from best to worst:

Tiers Halos
S Tier Valentines 2021
S Tier Autumn 2022
S Tier Lucky 2021
S Tier Valentines 2020
S Tier Halloween 2019
S Tier Halloween 2021
S Tier Glimmering 2018
S Tier Spring 2022
A Tier Autumn 2019
A Tier Winter 2019
A Tier Halloween 2020
A Tier Mermaid 2019
B Tier Corrupt 2018
B Tier Easter 2019
B Tier Winter 2021
B Tier Valentines 2019
B Tier Mermaid 2022
C Tier Mermaid 2021
C Tier Lucky 2021
C Tier Lucky 2020
C Tier Winter 2020
C Tier Spring 2021
C Tier Halloween 2018
D Tier Mermaid 2020
D Tier Winter 2018
D Tier Lucky 2019
D Tier Spring 2020

As mentioned earlier, we have placed all the Royal High Halos in different tiers. Starting from S Tier, these are Halos that are most overpowered and rare to find suggested by Mal. All the Halos in S Tier are legendary ones that are best suited under any situation.

If you could not get the Halo from the S tier, you should try getting Halos placed in the A tier. The Halos placed in A tier are best suited under several circumstances and can be situationally used. Speaking of the Halos in B tier, they can help you get through the early game. So, don’t miss out on getting them. Lastly, the Halos placed in C and D tiers are the least recommended. As these Halos are common, you can use them early. But make sure to replace them with better Halos later in the game.

You can also check out the unofficial Royale High Halo value and demand list by Mal. This features the fluctuating Up/down rates, Demand rate, Value rate, and average rates for every Halo. As this value list keeps on changing, check out the latest list by Mal:

That’s everything covered about Mal’s Halo Tier List. If you liked this guide, you can check out our dedicated sections for more Tier Lists and Roblox Guides. If you are looking for rewards and freebies, check out our massive lists of Roblox Game Codes and Roblox Promo Codes right here on Gamer Tweak.