Minecraft Strength Potion Recipe Crafting Guide (3 Minutes Buff)

Need a helping hand fighting the deadly mobs in Minecraft? Then check out the recipe to craft Strength Potion easily.

In Minecraft, the Strength Potion can really come in handy when you are cornered by mobs or any other enemies. It is one of the positive effect potions that not only buff your melee attack damage but also give you extra hearts. However, the strength buff effect only lasts for a few minutes. But it’s surely effective if you play your cards right. Moreover, note that this potion only affects your melee weapons and will have no effect on range weapons like bow & arrow. Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at the recipe to brew the Strength Potion in Minecraft.

How Can I Brew Strength Potion in Minecraft (3 Minutes Buff)?

make Strength Potion for 3 minutes damage buff In Minecraft
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In Minecraft to make Strength Potion the ingredients you need are 1x Awkward Potion and 1x Blaze Powder. To craft the Awkward Potion you’ll need 1x Nether Wart, 1x Blaze Powder, & 1x Water Bottle. And make sure you have 1x Brewing Stand that is required for the brewing process. If you are struggling with the crafting process, then scroll down for a quick walkthrough. Note, if you have the Awkward Potion, then you can jump to step 6.

  1. First, craft a Brewing Stand by placing 3x Cobblestones in the second row of your 3×3 Crafting table.
  2. Next, place 1x Blaze Rod in the middle of the first row and that’ll give you the Brewing Stand.
  3. After that, interact with the stand and place 1x Water Bottle in one of the 3 boxes with the bottle symbol.
  4. Then, take 1x Blaze Powder and place it in the box located on the upper left side of your screen. If you don’t have this powder, then you can always craft some by using the 1x Blaze Rod.
  5. Once done, grab the 1x Nether Wart and place it in the box located above the bottle boxes. This ingredient can be found in Nether Fortress. (Important item required to make Strength Potion in Minecraft)
  6. Now wait for the arrow bar to complete and once it’s full it’ll brew 1x Awkward Potion.
  7. After that, place 1x Blaze Powder in the Box located above the bottle boxes.
  8. And another 1x Blaze Powder in the box located on the upper left side of the stand.
  9. Once the brewing bar is full, go ahead and grab the 1x Strength Potion you are looking for.
make / craft Strength Potion 2 in Minecraft (Recipe)
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This Potion will give you +130% Attack Damage buff for 3 minutes when applied. If you want more of this Potion, then you can make up to 3 Strength Potions at once. But for that, you’ll need 3 Awkward Potions. Players can furthermore increase the effect duration to 8 Minutes by making Strength 2 Potion. To do so place 1x Redstone in the Box located above the bottle boxes. If you want to increase the strength, then simply use Glowstone Dust on the potion and you’ll be good to go.

That sums up all about how you can craft Strength Potion in Minecraft easily. If are tired of receiving burn damage in the Nether, then all you need is a Fire Resistance Potion. While you are brewing that, check out the recipe to make a Night Vision Potion.