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Make A Secret Base In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl (BDSP) Using Digger Drill

Looking to make a secret base in Pokemon BDSP. Don't worry this guide has all the steps covered that you need to follow to get your secret base.

Just like the original games Diamond and Pearl you can create a secret base in Pokemon BDSP. You can do things like store your statues in your base. And these statues also help to increase your encounter rate of the Pokemon that you can find in the Hideaways. Also having a secret base is cool so there is no reason for you to not have one. So in this guide let us take a look at how to create and make your Secret Base in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl (BDSP).

How to Make Secret Base in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl (BDSP)


pokemon brilliant diamond and shining pearl make a secret base

You can make your Secret Base in the Grand Underground in Pokemon BDSP. These are the steps to follow for creating a base.

  1. Go to the Eterna City. The same place as the second gym.
  2. There head to the house next to the Pokemon Center and speak with the Underground Man.
  3. He will give the Explorer Kit. You need to interact with him and complete his missions to get Digger Drill.
    • The first mission requires you to go underground. Be outside any building and use the Explorer Kit. Go underground and listen to Roark explain the features of it. Once over go back up to complete it.
    • For your second mission, you need to dig up spheres or treasures. To complete this mission find yellow spots, after finding one face it and press A. Complete the mini-game to get the treasure.
  4. The second mission will reward you with the Digger Drill.
  5. After getting Digger Drill, go underground and face any wall of your choice. Simply press X-button and select Digger Drill from the Traps menu. You will be asked for a confirmation of whether you wish to create the secret base in that wall. Select Yes to make your Secret Base. Remember to select this wall carefully as Digger Drill works like a consumable item. Hence after one use, it will disappear.


If you follow the above steps correctly you should be able to create your Secret Base in no time.

That covers everything you need to know about how to make a Secret Base in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl (BDSP). If you like playing this game then be sure to check our other guides on how to unlock the Mystery Gift and how to get Mew or Jirachi in Pokemon BDSP.