NBA 2K23: How To Make Music Track

Check out how to make Music Track in NBA 2K23 easily.

The wait is finally over, NBA 2K23 is out now and available on various devices for you. Along with the new season, come several new quests for the players to complete. Speaking of quests the game also has Endorsement based quests, allowing the player to earn free rewards. However many players are struggling to complete a task, where the game asks them to record Music Track in NBA 2K23. If you’re facing the same issue, then we’ve explained everything you need to know in the article below.

How to Record Music Track in NBA 2K23?

In order to record & make a Music Track in NBA 2K23 for the Slam Magazine Cover quest, here’s what you’ll need to do.

How To Make Music Track NBA 2K23
Picture Credits: MVP Romania
  • First, head to the Beast Stronghold on the map.
  • Then, look for the Dreamville Studio.
  • The studio is located just in front of a Tattoo shop.
  • Once, you spot the studio, walk into it and go to the recording area.
  • After that, go near the Music note icon and select the Make A Music Track option.
  • And then, a control panel will pop up, press the Start button and select the MyBeats option.
  • After doing that, select the first free slot.
  • Then, hold Start and L2 for 1 Minute. As soon as you do that the recording will be started. You can see the duration of the track in the bottom right corner of the control panel.
  • After the recording is done, let go of the Start & L2 button. And Select the Save Track 1 option.
  • Once the Music Track is saved in NBA 2K23, select the Discard Option.
  • Then, go ahead and name your track.
  • After doing that simply step out of the Studio and check, the Quest Make Music Track will be done.

This is all you have to do in order to record & make a Music Track in NBA 2K23. While you’re here take a look at how to unlock a Golf Cart in the game.