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Victoria 3: How To Make Money

Having a hard time figuring out the ways to make money in Victoria 3? Check out this guide to get some help.

Victoria 3 is a grand strategy game taking place in the era of the Industrial Revolution. Play as the mastermind leading your Nation towards the steps of prosperity and success. Your Nation is your first priority and its growth should happen by any means necessary. One of the important factors determining the growth of a nation is how much its Government earns. You might want to spend a good amount of money for your population so they work for the betterment of the Nation as a whole. Well, if you just playing Victoria 3 and want to know what makes one can earn money, then you just arrived at the right place. Check out this guide that features some key points that will help you to make money in Victoria 3.


How to Earn Money in Victoria 3

How To Make Money In Victoria 3

There are more than one ways through which a Government earns. Since Victoria 3 is based heavily on the structure of society, both politically and economically. The game’s mechanics lets you make money in some realistic ways:


The most basic way to earn money in this game is via Industries. Keep in mind that it is necessary to expand your Industries to earn more money efficiently. Make sure that you have a thorough knowledge of which industry is giving you the maximum profit. This will also help you to figure out the industries that are red. Focusing on red industries brings no benefit and is a waste of effort. Thereafter, make sure to check the goods that are more in demand from the Market tab. It is one of the best ways through which you can make money in Victoria 3.



Further, an improved Trade system helps a Nation to flourish even more. Make sure you have your own Trade Route so there is no restriction on the sale and purchase of goods. Moreover, it will help you to import and export goods as per their demand across the Nations. This is one of the most common ways to make money in Victoria 3.

Income Cap & Investment

You can’t store all your wealth in the coffers throughout the game. The in-game mechanics of Victoria 3 forces you to invest somewhere. You should be wise when you spend your money on resources. Also, make sure that you are getting returns from whichever resource you are investing in. As mentioned above, investing your money in a red industry won’t bring any profit. In addition, investing in the right industries will create more employment opportunities. More employment leads to a more skilled workforce and if the Government is supportive, then the population will work with more devotion. This will eventually increase the Standard of Living of the population.


These are some of the most effective ways to make money in Victoria 3. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Victoria 3 guides.