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Best Ways To Make Money In Farming Simulator 22

Here's how to earn more money in Farming Simulator 22. If you want a long-term plan or a quick buck, these ways will help you get profits!

How to get rich on Farming Simulator 22? This is exactly what we will address in this money guide. I will not include the money cheat in this one – today, we will look at how to make money in Farming Simulator 22 and get steady profits.

How to Make Money in Farming Simulator 22 (Best Ways)

There are multiple ways to earn more money in FS 22. Some provide quick results while some will take time. Scroll till the end to know every method!

Find the best prices and demands for your produce

To make a profit, you need to know exactly what the demand for products is and what the price fluctuations have been like. If you sell your crops at the right time, you will make much more than usual. Keep an eye on the crop that is highly valuable and also check out the crop calendar to know when the demand will spike as well. When you keep track of these timings and crops, then money will keep flowing in.

Get more money with better crops

Yes, this is one of the most obvious things to do but it sure does add to your money count. Make sure to fertilize your field and also keep weeding. Focus on the quality of your crops and the soil. Take good care of your field, avoid driving your vehicles over the plants and keep an eye on the overall condition of your crops.

Sell the equipment that you don’t need

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Many times, you may own vehicles or equipment that you don’t need. In such an instance, simply sell them and get that extra money.

Lease your machines

If selling is something you don’t want to do just yet, you can lease your machinery. This will give you a small but steady flow of income.

Buy fields with a good crop harvest

One of the crucial things you can do is purchase fields that have a good crop already. When you find a field that has a good cultivation, you can purchase it and earn profits in this manner.

Use animal products for extra cash

how to earn profits money farming simulator fs 22

Animals can provide milk, wool, manure and more animal products which you can sell. Moreover, you can also use the products to level up your field. For example, manure will help you as a fertilizer. Lastly, you can also sell your animals if you’d like. Since animals need to be properly taken care of, you will need quite a bit of money for this purpose.

Get Small Profits from Honey and Small Crops

A small addition, but an addition nevertheless. You can obtain honey from beehives and sell it for a quick buck. Plus, plant small crops to keep earning some money in the background.

Save Money by Keeping your Crops in Silos

If you don’t have storage, then you can simply keep your crops in the silos to save money.


As an investment, buy a Forestry machine and go ahead with the process of harvesting trees. This will take time and effort but it will also give you a good profit.

Complete Contracts

If you want a break from your work and want to try something else – take up a contract. You will have tasks related to cultivating, harvesting, fertilizing etc and you’ll know the reward that you will get for completing the job right at the contract page.

There you have it. These were some of the ways to make money in Farming Simulator 22, so go ahead and get that bag! For more gaming guides, stick with Gamer Tweak!