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How To Craft Limestone Brick In Going Medieval

Use this method to make a Limestone brick In Going Medieval easily.

As you progress in Going Medieval, you will soon find out that you will need to make Limestone bricks to progress further. A majority of construction and leveling up will require Limestone bricks and they may be tricky to get. So in this guide will tell you how to get Limestone brick In Going Medieval.

How To Make Limestone bricks In Going Medieval


To craft these bricks in the game, you will first have to gather the raw materials and tools to make them.

Limestone pile

How to Get Limestone in The  Game


You will have to mine Limestone from your environment. Check for grey areas on the ground. Once spotted, click your mining icon and drag it over these veins. A settler will be appointed to this area to mine. You can mine downwards in levels and have all kinds of ores along with Limestone. Limestone will usually be on the first level itself. Mine these areas and get enough limestone first. Now you can create bricks out of the Limestone in Going Medieval.

How to Craft the Limestone Brick

To Make Limestone bricks in Going Medieval, you will need a Stonemason’s bench. This bench is basically a crafting table that will craft bricks out of your limestone. You can get a stonemason’s bench by researching in the game. As you keep researching, you will unlock the stone block cutting option. This tab will let you create the bench. Once you have the Stonemason’s bench and the Limestone, assign a village to this bench and give him the crafting job to create the Limestone Brick in the game.


So that is all for our guide on how to make Limestone brick in Going Medieval. If you would like to know how to Hunt Animals in the game, we have an article on that too for you to check out.