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How To Make Hot Cocoa In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here's how you can make hot Cocoa in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

It is always fun to gather ingredients and cook new recipes in this game and knowing the right ingredients for the correct recipe is essential. For the dreamers who are curious to know about how to make Hot Cocoa in Disney Dreamlight Valley, this guide has all the information about it.


How to Make Hot Cocoa in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Cook Hot Cocoa in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Since Hot Cocoa is a 3-star recipe, you will need 3 ingredients to cook the recipe. Hence, the ingredients for Hot Cocoa are

  • 1x Sugarcane
  • 1x Cocoa Bean
  • 1x Milk

Add these ingredients to the cooking stove along with coal to cook the ingredient.


Where To Find the Ingredients for Hot Cocoa?

  • Sugarcane can be purchased from the Goofy stall in Dazzle Beach for 25 Star coins. If you have less than the required star coins you can purchase Sugar Cane seeds for 5 Star Coins and grow them in your field.
  • To collect Cocoa Bean, explore the Sunlit Plateau and Glade of Trust Biomes with a companion with a Foraging role and forage Cocoa Bean from the trees with light green leaves. Also, you can purchase it from Chez Remy pantry for 75 Star Coins.
  • A Milk carton can be purchased from Chez Remy pantry for 230 Star Coins.


  • You can restore 1,563 energy after consuming Hot Cocoa.
  • Being a 3 Star recipe you can sell it for 401 stars in any Goofy stall.
  • You can also increase your friendship level with your companion by gifting the recipe to them.
  • It is good to have a sufficient amount of recipes like Hot Cocoa while exploring Biomes like Sunlit Plateau or Frosted heights to avoid running out of energy.

That’s all you need to know about how to cook Hot cocoa. Also, Check out our guide on how to make sour snow cones in Disney Dreamlight Valley.