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How To Make Glass Pane In Minecraft

Check out the recipe & process to craft Glass Pane in Minecraft easily.

When it comes to Sandbox games, Minecraft has been leading since 2011. It has a growing fan base which is getting bigger day by day. That’s because, there are several things you can do in the game, such as hunt, craft, build, & many more that’ll keep you engaged for hours. Speaking of crafting, many players are struggling to make the Glass Pane in Minecraft. However the recipe is pretty easy, but it might get tricky sometimes. If you’re also looking for the ingredients recipe to craft the Glass Pane in the game, then we’ve got you covered.


Recipe to Craft Glass Pane in Minecraft

How To Make Glass Pane Minecraft

In order to craft a Glass Pane in Minecraft you’ll need a total of 6 Glass Blocks. Once you have it simply place them into the 2 bottom or upper rows of the Crafting table. And voila, your Glass Pane is ready just like that. 6x Glass Blocks will get you 16x Glass Panes. Now you can use it to decorate your house, make windows, or many more things. Players can even create several colored Stained Glass Pane in the game. However, if you don’t have Glass in your inventory and are unaware of the process to make it, then scroll down for answers.

How To Make Glass?

Here’s a list of things that you’ll need to craft Glass to make a Glass Pane in Minecraft.

  • 1x 3×3 Crafting Table – Can be crafted by using any 4x Wooden Planks
  • 1x Furnace – Can be crafted by using 8x Cobblestones or 8x Blackstones
  • 1x Fuel – You can use any kind of fuel such as Coal or Wood
  • 1x Sand – Can be obtained by mining.

As you can see, first the player will have to make a 3×3 Crafting Table by placing some Wood planks in the Inventory’s crafting table. After doing that simply place the 8 of the mentioned stones in the 3×3 crafting table to craft the Furnace. Make sure you leave the middle grid empty while making the item. Once you’ve crafted the Furnace simply interact with it and place the Fuel (Coal/Wood) in the bottom grid and some Sand in the Upper grid. Doing so will get you the glass that you were looking for. 1x Sand Block can get you 1x Glass block. Now you can easily use it to make the Glass pane in Minecraft.

That sum’s up everything about the crafting recipe to make Glass & Glass Pane. While you’re here check out how you can make Tinted Glass in the game.