How To Make Obesity And Fat In Infinite Craft (Combo Guide)

Need the combinations to make Obesity and Fat in Infinite Craft? Our guide has the recipes that you are looking for.

There are numerous things that you can craft in Infinite Craft and the game usually does not have any limit. If you have used the Random Word Generator to challenge your friends, you will come across words like Obesity and Fat that you will have to make in the game. However, since the recipe is unclear, players will find it difficult to make Fat and Obesity in Infinite Craft without getting to know the correct combinations.

Since the recipes of Infinite Craft are complex on many occasions, players often find themselves stuck in a puzzle. Luckily, Infinite Craft cheats are exactly for that and they can solve the puzzle for you with some unique combinations. Although it might be different to the recipe you have been trying, you will at least get the entire solution.

How to Make Obesity in Infinite Craft

Combine Life and McDonalds to Get Obesity in Infinite Craft
Image via Neal.Fun

These are the elements that you should combine to get Obesity in Infinite Craft:

  • Water + Earth will give you Plant.
  • Plant + Wind will give you Dandelion.
  • Wind + Earth will give you Dust.
  • Dust + Earth will give you Planet.
  • Fire + Water will give you Steam.
  • Steam + Earth will give you Mud.
  • Mud + Fire will give you Brick.
  • Planet + Brick will give you Mars.
  • Earth + Mars will give you Life.
  • Mars + Plant will give you Potato.
  • Potato + Dandelion will give you French Fries.
  • French Fries + Fire will give you McDonalds.
  • Life + McDonalds will give you Obesity.

How to Make Fat in Infinite Craft

How to Make Fat in Infinite Craft
Image via Neal.Fun

Players can combine Obesity and Wind to get Fat in Infinite Craft.

That’s all you will need to make Obesity and Fat in Infinite Craft. If you found this guide helpful, do check out our other recipes on Drugs, Breaking Bad, Weapon, and more right here at Gamer Tweak.