Minecraft – How To Make A Diamond Golem?

Is there a Diamond Golem in Minecraft & can we make it? Find out through this guide.

Minecraft has a huge list of Mobs. From the Tiny Chicks to the Gigantic Ender Dragons, Mobs come in various sizes. Golems are Neutral Mobs in the game that have their uses. Their main objective is to help out the Villagers from the Hostile Mobs. There are two Golems in Minecraft, the Iron Golem & the Snow Golem. But there is another Golem that is gaining a lot of popularity, i.e. the Diamond Golem. In this guide, I will show you how to get the Diamond Golem in Minecraft.

How to Make the Diamond Golem in Minecraft?

 make diamond golem minecraft
Image Source – Curse Forge

Minecraft has a big list of Mobs but the Diamond Golem is not a part of it. Yes, the Diamond Golem is not a part of the Base game. Rather it is a retextured Iron Golem that looks like a Golem made of Diamonds. As it stands, the Iron Golem & the Snow Golem are the only Golems that exist in Minecraft. Don’t be sad as you can still get the Diamond Golem but you will have to use a Mod.

You can get the Diamond Golem in Minecraft through various Mods. Mods like Golems Galore & Extra Golems from CurseForge introduce a ton of new Golems. Each of them has unique abilities like the TNT Golem will explode on Enemies, the Gold Golem has Knockback Resistance, etc. As Such, the Diamond Golem is a part of these Mods and can be summoned thanks to them. The way you summon a Diamond Golem is similar to the Iron Golem just you will have to replace the Blocks of Iron with Blocks of Diamond.

As it stands, this is the only way of getting the Diamond Golem in Minecraft. During Minecraft Live for the 1.19 Update, Mojang had made the Copper Golem along with the Allay as a Community vote Mob. Although we cannot guarantee it, there may be a chance that a Golem of a different ore may get introduced. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides like 13 Best Minecraft Fabric Mods.