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Minecraft – How To Make A Dance Floor

Learn how to make a Dance Floor in Minecraft from this guide.

Minecraft is a Sandbox game that grants a player the freedom of expressing their creativity. As such the player can essentially do whatever they can like building Homes, Castles, Batsions, Villages, and more. These can range from super fun silly mini-game arenas to super immersive RPGs. Speaking of fun, Minecraft has a collection of Music Discs that the players can jam on. You have the music but nowhere to dance. Don’t worry as in this guide I will show how to make a Dance Floor in Minecraft.

How to Make a Dance Floor in Minecraft

make dance floor minecraft

The basic idea of making a Dance Floor in Minecraft is by making a Platform of Light Sources that blink at different intervals. It could be a random interval or a set interval. Here is how you can make one.

  • Make a Hole of size 8×8 & 7 deep.
  • At the bottom of the hole, make a Redstone Clock.
  • You can do this using two Repeaters and some Redstone Dust.
  • After that, link it to a Dispenser that is one level higher.
  • Right now, your bottom-most layer should have the Clock, the one above that should be a block, and above that should be the Dispenser.
  • Now fill the layer of the Dispenser with Glass or any other Block.
  • The Level above the Dispenser will have Water so make a platform for Observers looking at that Level.
  • Before you complete that layer, place the Bucket of Water in the Dispenser.
  • Now on top of each Observer, place a Redstone Lamp.
  • On top of each Redstone Lamp, place a Random Colored Glass Block.
  • Decorate that area and you have a fully functional Dance Floor in Minecraft.

If you want to increase the area, then just add more Dispensers, Observers, & Redstone Lamps. This was all about making a Dance Floor in Minecraft. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides like How To Make A Conduit in Minecraft.