How To Make A Chiseled Bookshelf In Minecraft 1.20 (Crafting Recipe)

Before the Minecraft 1.20 update was released, every bookshelf in the game was just for aesthetic purposes. This means that there was no option to store any of your books on the shelves. But the latest update has given players what they were looking for. You can now store Written, Enchanted, and Knowledge books on Chiseled Bookshelves. And as expected, you will not be able to find this bookshelf out in the open. You will need a recipe to craft it. This guide will show you how to make a Chiseled Bookshelf in Minecraft 1.20.

How to Make A Chiseled Bookshelf in Minecraft 1.20

chiseled bookshelf crafting recipe minecraft

You will need six Wooden Planks and 3 Wood Slabs to make a Chiseled Bookshelf in Minecraft 1.20. Go to the Crafting Table and place three planks on the top row and the remaining three on the bottom. Finally, you can then put the three slabs in the middle row. This is the recipe required to craft the Chiseled Bookshelf in Minecraft.

You can use any type of wood to make a Chiseled Bookshelf. No matter what type of wood you choose while on the Crafting Table, the Chiseled Bookshelf will still look the same. With that being said, how can you place books on your newly crafted bookshelf? Here is how.

How to Use the Chiseled Bookshelf in Minecraft 1.20

You can start using the Chiseled Bookshelf after following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, go to your Inventory and equip the Chiseled Bookshelf.
  2. Now, place it on any flat surface and equip any book from your inventory.
  3. You will be able to place the book on the Chiseled Bookshelf by either pressing the “L2” button on PlayStation or the “LT” button on Xbox.
  4. PC users can place books on the shelf by pressing the right-click button on their mouse.

You will be able to keep only six books on every Chiseled Bookshelf at a given time. If you want more, then make sure you are stocked up on Wooden Planks and Slabs to craft more Chiseled Bookshelves in Minecraft

That’s all you need to know about how to make a Chiseled Bookshelf in Minecraft 1.20. For more guides like this, head to our Minecraft section.

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