How To Make Cheese In Infinite Craft (Recipe & Combos)

Create a Cheese in Infinite Craft and use it to make Grilled Cheese, Cheeseburger, Cheesecake, and Mozzarella.

The recipe for crafting Cheese in Infinite Craft is smooth like butter. While there are several alternatives to it, the one we have given here is just five steps long. Unlocking this allows you to create many delicious units with few combos. Grilled Cheese, Cheeseburger, Cheesecake, and Mozzarella are a few of the many things you can make with it. Curious about those? Check right below this recipe.

How to Get Cheese in Infinite Craft

How to Get Cheese in Infinite Craft
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Use the Mud and Moon to craft the Cheese.

Follow this short recipe to craft both of those and get the element:

  • Take the Earth and add Wind to it for Dust.
  • Place Earth on the Dust to get a Planet.
  • Add Earth to Planet for Moon.
  • Mix Dust and Water for Mud.
  • Combine Mud with Moon to craft Cheese.

Alternatively, you can mix Food with the Moon to get the Cheese. Food is made by combining Plant and Farm, which is the outcome of the Farmer and Land.

How to Make Grilled Cheese and Cheeseburger

  • To get Grilled Cheese, you have to combine the Toast with Cheese. Toast can be made by combining Fire with the Cheese.
  • For a Cheeseburger, you have to mix Sun with the Cheese. To get the Sun put together Fire and Eclipse. Eclipse can be obtained by combining Fire and Moon.

How to Get Cheesecake and Mozzarella

  • Cheesecake is made with Software and Cheese. The Software is obtained by mixing Computer and System. To create a System, you have to mix Solar and Planet. Solar is made with Sun and Fire. Lastly, the Computer is the outcome of the System and Fire.
  • You get Mozzarella by adding Mozart to the Cheese. For crafting Mozart, combine Cheese with the Music. Music is a product of Rock and Roll.

Best Recipes to Craft With Cheese in Infinite Craft

Best Recipes to Craft With Cheese in Infinite Craft
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  • Cheese + Cheese = Cheese Wheel
  • Cheese + Cheese Wheel = Mouse
  • Cheese + Mouse = Mouse Trap
  • Cheese + Water = Milk
  • Cheese + Wind = Fart
  • Cheese + Mud = Glue
  • Cheese + Glue = Sticky Cheese
  • Cheese + Lake = Limburger
  • Cheese + Baby = Babybel
  • Cheese + Brick = Pizza
  • Cheese + Family = Swiss
  • Cheese + Swiss = Fondue
  • Cheese + Student = Cheesy
  • Cheese + Apple = Apple Pie
  • Cheese + Sand = Sandwich
  • Cheese + Dance = Macarena
  • Cheese + Macarena = Cheesy Macarena
  • Cheese + J-Pop = Cheese Pop
  • Cheese + India = Paneer

Had fun crafting the Cheese in Infinite Craft. Try out our other recipes and combos for more fantastic units. Start by making Steak and then create Sushi.