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Valheim: How To Make Black Metal Pickaxe

Here's how you can make Black Metal Pickaxe.

Black Metal Pickaxe is the best Pickaxe currently in Valheim’s latest Mistlands update. Black Metal Pickaxe helps you to dig and obtain essential resources. This Pickaxe can break any mine and help you gather resources like Marble. With the latest update, you might be curious to know how to make Black Metal Pickaxe in Valheim for mining and this guide will help you to know all the details about it.


How to Make Black Metal Pickaxe in Valheim?

Make Black Metal Pickaxe in Valheim


  • The raw materials required to make Black Metal Pickaxe are 25 Black Metal bars and 3 Yggdrasil Wood.
  • You can produce Black Metal bars in a Blast Furnace by adding Black Metal Scraps with Coal as fuel into it.
  • These items are dropped by Fulings found in Plains Biome. They are also found in some Wooden Chests.
  • Fulings are hard to kill. Hence, going unequipped with proper gears and weapons around them would be a mistake.
  • You can get Yggdrasil Wood by chopping Yggdrasil Shoot found abundantly in the new Mistlands Biome.
  • Chopping Yggdrasil Shoot requires Black Metal Axe. Hence, you will need to build a Black Metal Axe on your Workbench first.
  • Once you gather all the pieces for producing Black Metal Pickaxe you can craft it on the level 2 Workbench.
  • To upgrade your Workbench, you are required to build chopping wood nearby your Workbench.
  • To build Chopping Wood you need 10x Wood and 10x flint.


  • Since Black Metal Pickaxe is the strongest Pickaxe in the game, it can mine any resources for you.
  • The main use of this Pickaxe is to collect Marble found in Mistlands Biome.
  • With every upgrade the durability of the Pickaxe increases. The maximum durability Black Metal Pickaxe can have is 410 at level 5, which is the highest among any pickaxe in the game currently.Black Metal Pickaxe Valheim

That’s all the details you need to know about how to make a Black Metal Pickaxe. Also, check out our guide on how to craft Iron Buckler in Valheim.