How To Make Bed In Infinite Craft (Recipes & Combos)

One of the most comfortable things you can make in Infinite Craft is a Bed. Here are the Recipes and Combinations for making this furniture.

With endless combinations to try, Infinite Craft has the potential to keep you engaged for hours. While you can create normal household stuff like a TV and Computer, one important thing that you need is a Bed. If you get the combinations right, making a Bed is not that difficult at all. And it’s not like you need something extraordinary in the process. You just need to use your base elements and eventually, you will get what you want. Quite relieving, right?

In this guide, we will tell you the Recipes and Combinations for making a Bed in Infinite Craft. Not only that, but we will also tell you a few other things that you can do using it. So, let’s get started.

Here’s How to Make a Bed in Infinite Craft

Using two Pillows to Make a Bed in Infinite Craft
Combine 2 Pillows to Make a Bed in Infinite Craft. Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

To make a Bed in Infinite Craft, you need to combine two Pillows. Assuming that you haven’t figured out how to make a Pillow, here’s the right combination for it:

  1. Earth + Water = Plant
  2. Plant + Wind = Dandelion
  3. Dandelion + Wind = Seed
  4. Fire + Wind = Smoke
  5. Smoke + Smoke = Cloud
  6. Seed + Cloud = Cotton
  7. Cotton + Dandelion = Pillow

Now that you have got a Pillow, mix it with another Pillow to get a Bed in Infinite Craft. Don’t stop just here, play the game and explore more possibilities and combinations while using a Bed.

Recipes that Use a Bed in Infinite Craft

Below is the list of a few things that you can create with Bed in Infinite Craft:

  • Bed + Water = Sleep
  • Bed + Wind = Sail
  • Bed + Devil = Nightmare
  • Bed + Bride = Honeymoon
  • Bed + US America = Mattress
  • Bed + New York = Hotel
  • Bed + Empire = Rome
  • Bed + Song = Lullaby
  • Bed + Bed = Bedroom
  • Bed + God = Dream

Play the game yourself and explore more combinations with Beds in Infinite Craft. For a start, try creating stuff like Video Game, maybe Minecraft.