How To Make Bear In Infinite Craft (Recipe Guide)

Bear is one of the best animals you can create in Infinite Craft. Here’s everything you need to know about this crafting recipe.

While playing Infinite Craft, you will have to try and come up with new combinations to create numerous recipes. However, if you are looking to craft rare and different items, objects, or structures, you will have to ensure that you are generating unique elements whenever you get the chance. Similarly, players have been wondering how they can make a Bear, as it can be used why creating many other complex recipes.

For example, it is used while crafting Winnie The Pooh, Cave, Barbecue, and even Hibernation. If you need help understanding this process, here’s everything you need to know in order to craft this furry animal.

How to Get Bear in Infinite Craft

How To Make Bear In Infinite Craft
Image Credits – Neal.Fun

You can get this animal by just completing five easy steps. Additionally, the majority of the items used for this recipe will belong to the base elements you have access to. Therefore, let us understand how we can quickly create a Bear.

  1. Combine Earth + Earth to get Mountain.
  2. Then add Earth and Water to generate a Plant.
  3. You will then have to add Dust to the Plant you just crafted, to get Pollen.
  4. From here, mix Water + Pollen to create Honey.
  5. Lastly, combine Honey + Mountain to make a Bear.

All Crafting Recipes with Bear in Infinite Craft

  • Bear + Water = Polar Bear
  • Bear + Polar Bear = Panda
  • Bear + Fire = Barbecue
  • Bear + Earth = Cave
  • Bear + Cave = Hibernation
  • Bear + Hibernation = Sleep
  • Bear + Wind = Kite
  • Bear + Energy = Grizzly
  • Bear + Dandelion = Teddy Bear
  • Bear + Plant = Honey
  • Bear + Honey = Winnie The Pooh
  • Bear + Winnie The Pooh = Pooh Bear
  • Bear + Computer = Cyber Bear
  • Bear + Rainbow = Care Bear
  • Bear + Human = Caveman
  • Bear + Caveman = Cave Bear
  • Bear + Obama = Barack
  • Bear + Mud = Pig
  • Bear + Lake = Fish
  • Bear + Fish = Bearfish
  • Bear + Moon = Werewolf

This is everything you need to know if you want to create a Bear in Infinite Craft. To continue crafting special elements, make sure you browse through our list of 1000+ combinations and recipes. You can also check out how to make a Dog, Cat, and Bird, here on Gamer Tweak.