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How To Make Ambrosia In Sims 4 (Ghost Meal Recipe)

Wondering how you can make Ambrosia in Sims 4 in order to resurrect a ghost? Here's all you need to know about it.

In Sims 4, players can make Ambrosia and bring back a dead friend. However as easy as it may sound, it isn’t, the ingredients required to cook this Gourmet meal are pretty hard to get. But it is surely worth it, the meal not only brings back dead to life but can also reset the living Sim’s age in a blink. If you are looking forward to cooking this meal then we are here to help. In this guide, we will walk you through the recipe to cook Ambrosia easily.

How to Cook Ambrosia in Sims 4? (Ingredients)

How to Cook Ambrosia in Sims 4 (Ingredients)

In Sims 4 the ingredients required to make an Ambrosia is 1x Angel Fish, 1x Death Flower, & 1x Potion of Youth. To get these items you will have to first fulfill the level requirements in the game.

  • Cooking Level 10
  • Gourmet Cooking Level 10
  • Fishing Level 3 to 10
  • Gardening Level 5

Once you have all the ingredients simply interact with your fridge or stove and select the option to make a Gourmet dish. Then, select the option to cook Ambrosia and start making the dish. After the meal is prepared, first go ahead and befriend the ghost by asking them to move in. And only then keep the dish out on the table so they can have it and come back to life. Also note, that avoid keeping this meal outside the fridge for more than 10 hours or else it’ll get spoiled. On the other hand, if you are still struggling to get the base ingredients to make Ambrosia, then scroll down for more details.

Where to Get Ingredients to Make Ambrosia?

It is not just you, many players are struggling to get the ingredients in order to make Ambrosia in Sims 4. So without any further ado let’s dive into the ways to get Angel Fish, Death Flower, & Potion of Youth in the game.

  • Angel Fish
    • To catch Angel Fish you should at least have level 3 Fishing skills. If you are already on the required level, then head to the River in Willow Creek and you’ll be good to go. However, the chances of getting the fish in the first go are pretty low. So we recommend you increase your skill level and keep trying until you catch it.
  • Death Flower
    • Before you start grafting items together to get the flower, ensure that you are on Level 5 Gardening. After that players can get Death Flower by grafting an Orchid on Pomegranate. And in order to get the Orchid you will have to graft Lily on Snapdragon. Similarly, you can get Pomegranate by grafting a Cherry on Apple or simply obtain it from the pond located in Willow Creek Park.
  • Potion of Youth
    • To obtain the Potion of Youth, you will have to buy it from the Rewards Store for 1,500 Satisfaction Points. As they are kind of hard to earn, spend them wisely if you already have some on you. But if you don’t, then you can always get it by making your Sim happy and fulfilling its wishes.

That sums up all about where you can get ingredients to make the Ambrosia ghost food in Sims 4. While you are here take a look at the ways to get free expansion packs. Also check out, how you can smoke weed in the game.