V Rising: Maja The Dark Savant Location & Fight Guide

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This guide will show you the location of Maja the Dark Savant in V Rising and how to defeat this enemy. As you are aware, with the new Secrets Of Gloomrot update, the world in V Rising is expanded and revamped. Players will face new mysterious enemies lurking around the lands of Vardoran in order to unlock new sets of spells and abilities.

With this update, 13 new V Blood Carriers are added in the game all across different levels and regions of the game. One such V Blood carrier in-game that players would want to visit and face would be Maja The Dark Savant. Beating Maja will help unlock The Study structure which would help in upgrading the Research Desk that players have in their castle.

Where to Find Maja the Dark Savant in V Rising (Location)

maja the dark savant location v rising

Maja resides in an ancient library inside the Forbidden Tower located atop a hill. Players can head toward the northeastern part of the Dunley Farmlands where the Forbidden Tower is located. Players would most likely have access to his area once they hit levels 30-35. Maja does not roam around like some other bosses in the game, she is patiently waiting for players to come across her table while she does her research. So you will have to run atop the hill and enter the tower to face her.

How to Defeat Maja The Dark Savant

fight maja the dark savant v rising
Image source Fortizar on YouTube

Maja is a Level 47 V Blood Carrier so you will need to carefully sort out spells and level up before facing her. It is not a difficult boss battle but she has a powerful skillset to deal you some serious damage. During the battle, you will have to coordinate your attacks and abilities.

  • The best way to defeat her would be to engage her in long-range attacks rather than attacking her head-on.
  • She moves constantly across the library to avoid your head-on attacks.
  • While moving she will also constantly use Paper Projectiles and Ink Spawns to attack you.
  • Keeping a distance and moving around will help you avoid these attacks easily.
  • Attacking her head-on in the second phase of the battle will force her to create a veil that has a powerful blast ready to deal you some serious damage.

It is worth noting her second phase gives her increased speed and attack strength which in turn helps her send Ink Spawns toward you at twice the speed. 

That is everything on how you can find and defeat Maja The Dark Savant in V Rising. If you want to know how you can defeat Christina The Sun Priestess in V Rising here is our guide.

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