Mafia Tweets “Family” – What does it mean?

Time to rise

Almost after two years of no updates, Mafia tweet stormed the web with the word “Family”. Tweeted on May 10, 2020 i.e. Mother’s Day the game developer is sending a hint about major reveal coming for Mafia 4. So what does this mean?

There are two possibilities, a Remastered Version or Mafia 4. 2020 can be seen as a year of Remaster’s where the pandemic had caused a complete lock-down affecting major industries including Video Games. Major gaming events and releases are canceled or postponed to Holiday 2020. Under such circumstances, there are more chances we might see a Mafia Remaster version first, and later in coming years an entirely new series – Mafia 4.

Mafia 3 Signs of the Times was released in 2017, after that there were no updates on any upcoming Mafia game. This tweet is not a coincidence, there is something new coming up, and based on different news sources we will be hearing about the new or a remaster Mafia title this year.

Fans are looking forwards to have a Remaster Edition of previous Mafia games, Mafia 2 is what everyone wants. Released almost a decade ago it was based on the life of Vito Scaletta. All Mafia games carries a similar base of building up your underworld empire by completing task. The same was carried forwarded to Mafia 3, we are seeing major upgrades in gameplay mechanics. There are chances developer would try to bring something new this time.