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Mafia Definitive Edition: How To Avoid Police Detection & Escape

Avoiding Police and Getting Away from them will save you in Mafia Definitive Edition. Use surroundings and other things for your benefit.

Police Detection in Mafia Definitive Edition is one of the biggest scares in the game and can change the turn of events if you’re caught red-handed doing something illegal. There are ways in which you can hide from the watchful eyes of the Police in Lost Heaven if you want to know how to avoid police detection and get away from them in the game.


How To Get Away From Police In Mafia Definitive Edition

Well, there are a few things you should know before you run from cover to cover to evade cops, the best thing that you can do is avoid them by not raising suspicion. If there is no evidence a crime cannot be reported and the same works in the game.

If you want to tone down the police presence in Mafia Definitive Edition, you can begin by opening up the game’s setting and searching for the Police Settings in the game.

There are two options that you can choose from, Regular and Simulation, both these options differ how the Police will react in the game. The Regular option will give you a calmer approach and the Police won’t hound you for every traffic violation and or small incident.

But, if you select the Simulation option, you will get a taste of how the Police were back in the day when the crime was rampant and the Police were catching criminals wherever they could. This mode will make the Police more aggressive and will catch you for breaking every law. Even traffic ones.

Other than this, if you want to avoid Police detection in Mafia Definitive Edition, the best option is to avoid breaking any laws, if you drive carefully and do not destroy public property then there’s absolutely no reason for the Police to catch you.


How To Escape From The Cops

It depends completely on the situation when you’re trying to get away from the cops in Mafia Definitive Edition. If you’ve already noticed there is a star-based system that will notify you of the severity of the cops on your tail.

The higher the number of stars, the more intensity of the chase that you will. The best thing to have to get away from the Police is to have a fast car and drive it straight until you lose the cops.

avoid police detection evade police mafia definitive edition

Whenever you can get your hands on a fast car and if the cops are chasing you go full speed and avoid crashing into other cars.


If you’re using a slower car in the game and the cops are on your tail, you will have to find places that you can destroy so that you can lose the cops chasing you.

Open up your minimap and you can see these located marked in white, these are construction zones that you can find almost everywhere in Lost Heaven.

In a slower car, it is incredibly hard to get the cops away so you will have to be a bit creative and find avenues where you can make the Police car crash into the traffic and other objects.

Once you’ve gotten away from the police in the game, you still need to stay out of sight as even though the stars will disappear you will also have to calm down for a bit until you get the all-clear that the cops have stopped looking for you.

You can even check your mini-map to find cops nearby, they will be marked in blue, as long as there’s no cop around you. You’ll be safe, try to avoid their detection and soon enough you will be safe.

This is all there is to know about how to avoid police detection and how to get away from the police in Mafia Definitive Edition. While you’re here make sure that you check out how to change the weather in Mafia Definitive Edition.