How To QB Contain In Madden NFL 22?

Looking for a way to QB Contain in Madden NFL 22? Read this article to learn exactly how you can do so.

The Quarterback Contain (QB) is used to stop mobile quarterbacks from getting out of pockets of space in Madden NFL 22. You can use it on linebackers and defensive ends. In this article, we will show you how to execute it.

How to QB Contain in Madden NFL 22?

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To QB contain in Madden NFL 22, you first need to make sure your defense is widely spread. While previous editions of Madden allowed you to just press the R1 button repeatedly to QB contain, the 2022 edition will require you to first adjust your defense accordingly. Hitting R1 without adjusting the defense will just lead to no action taking place in the game.

You can head to the Tight Doubles section in Formations. Here, you can select the Play Action Wide Receiver (PA WR) Cross. Despite making this selection, you will notice that pressing the R1 button does not result in the QB contain option appearing. So, you will have to press left on the D-pad. From here, you have to spread the alignment of the defense. Doing so will allow you to QB contain in Madden NFL 22.

All you need to do is remember to first spread out the defense line. Keeping a tight and compact defensive line will not allow you to utilize the ability to QB contain. This might not be such a good thing, depending on the kind of strategy you want to implement. You should use the QB contain whenever you feel like the quarterbacks might make a run for it. This especially applies to players like Lamar Jackson. Jackson is one of the most dangerous players in the game, so you will most likely need to use the QB contain for him.

This is how you can QB (quarterback) contain in Madden NFL 22. It is quite an effective way to prevent quarterbacks from covering the ground and finding pockets of space.

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