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How To Stiff Arm In Madden 22 NFL?

Beat your opponent easily with a well timed Stiff Arm in Madden 22 NFL.

There is something magical about a well-timed Stiff Arm in the NFL, and it is a sentiment that also rings true when it comes to Madden 22. It is a move that can get the crowd jumping and on their feet. However, it can be pretty difficult to execute in the game. Fortunately, we have managed to find a trick that will allow you to master this skill with some trial and error. Scroll down and learn more about the same.

How to perform and execute a Stiff Arm in Madden NFL 22?


Madden 22 NFL Stiff-Arm

If you want to perform a stiff arm make sure you first get the ball to a powerful and agile player on your team. This usually means sending the ball out to one of the running backs.

Now, comes the bait. Make sure the defender you need to stiff arm is close by and in range to perform a tackle. Once you see that the defender is about to attempt a tackle or is in range for one click on the ‘X’ button to perform a Stiff Arm on the PlayStation version of Madden 22 NFL. For Xbox this key changes to the ‘A’ button on the controller.


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However, you will have to practice this move quite a bit till you get it down. Your best bet for doing the same is playing the game in Exhibition mode. This will give you some freedom when it comes to the game, nor do you have to worry about your online rank.

Also, another thing to note is that this move might not always work. However, nothing beats the feeling of faking out a defender on the way to the end zone.


This is everything you need to know about how to Stiff Arm a player in Madden NFL 22. While you are here you can also have a look at the Best Camera Settings to use.