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How To Get Madden 22 Beta Code?

Curious to know how to get Madden 22 beta codes and how to redeem them to get access to community playtest closed demo? Find out here.

Fans of EA’s NFL franchise are already looking forward to getting the invite to Madden 22 beta but how to get the code for it? There’s something specific you need to do to get the closed demo/community playtest access keys. Let’s see how to get Madden 22 Beta Code (for consoles right now) and how to redeem it as well.

Madden 22 Beta Codes

You can get a Madden 22 Beta Code by following the official twitter account of Madden 22. You can keep the notifications on and hop online whenever they have new keys to give out. The twitter account is also responding to tweets where players are asking for community playtest codes, so you can try that out too.

This is the only way to get the codes for the closed beta and it’s based on luck. There are no sign ups or registration options that are openly available.

If you have received the invitation code, you can play the closed demo right now until 1st July 2021. In the beta, players can try out Squads, Weekend League, Strategy Cards, Solo battles as well as Superstar KO (During Week 2) and The Yard (During Week 2).madden 22 community playtest code closed demo

How to Use the Community Playtest Code for Madden 22 Closed Beta

With the code obtained, these are the steps you need to follow to redeem it and get access to the closed beta on PS and Xbox. On PS, head to PSN and click on the PS Store icon on the home screen and click on Redeem codes. Input your code there and that’s how you can start playing.

Xbox players have to head to the Store > Games > Use a Code. Enter the code and voilà! You can get into the closed beta.

In case you are not able to play this early, you can still get early access on 12 August via EA Play. The game releases on August 20, 2021 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. We will be covering more about it in our video game guides, so stay tuned!