Madden NFL 22: The Best Campus Hero

Want to know who the best Campus Hero is in Madden NFL 22? Check out this article to learn more!

Madden NFL 22 features the best college legends in a set called the Campus Heroes. These are players who have excelled during their stints as college footballers. Picking these talented players and drafting them into your team can help you get even better. Additionally, you can even get coins by trading them in the Auction House if you wish to. In this article, we will pick the best hero out of these skillful players.

Best Campus Hero in Madden NFL 22

best campus hero madden nfl 22

Reggie Bush – OVR 91 (Best Campus Hero in Madden)

Of all of the Campus Heroes in Madden NFL 22, the best is Reggie Bush. With an overall rating of 91, it is not difficult to see why he has earned this title in the game. Additionally, Bush can also operate as a receiving back. His versatility only further adds to what makes him the best in the game. To get an idea of just how good this Campus Heroes Champion is, check out his stats below:

  • SPD – 91
  • ACC – 91
  • AGI – 90
  • CAR – 85
  • CTH – 82
  • COD – 91
  • TRK – 60
  • BTK – 89

With all of these stats, it’s fair to say not a lot of other Campus Heroes come close to Reggie Bush in Madden NFL 22. He is by far the best pick for your team, so do not miss the chance to get him!

Now that we know the best Campus Hero in Madden NFL 22, let us also check out the rest of the Campus Heroes that we know about so far.

Derrick Thomas – OVR 98 Madden Campus Hero

Derrick Thomas used to play as a linebacker for the University of Alabama and the Kansas City Chiefs. His stats indicate the potential for him to become a long-term linebacker for your squad in Madden NFL 22. Additionally, his strong overall rating and future potential also mean you can probably get a decent amount of money for him at the Auction House either now or in the near future. Let’s check out his statistics.

  • SPD – 85
  • ACC – 87
  • STR – 86
  • TAK – 84
  • PRC – 86
  • BSH – 88
  • PMV – 88
  • FMV – 87

Matt Leinart – OVR 89 Campus Hero

Matt Leinart has cemented his place as a Campus Hero in Madden NFL 22 after winning the Heisman Trophy. His impressive statistics make him a good Quarterback if you are looking to add some depth to your Ultimate Team roster. The only downside to using this player is the fact that you will receive precious litle apart from team depth.

  • SPD – 56
  • THP – 88
  • SAC – 88
  • MAC – 87
  • DAC – 85
  • TUP – 86
  • RUN – 84
  • PAC – 87

Roy Williams – OVR 89

Roy Williams is a former star of the Dallas Cowboys, along with being a talented legend of the Texas Longhorns. He possesses brilliant stats, especially in the areas of speed. The 90-speed rating enables him to deal with defenses with nimble agility. Additionally, Williams takes some good catches too. This is because he is a strong receiver. His statistics have lent to him being quite highly valued in the Auction House. So, if you manage to get him on your team, make sure you do not let him go for cheap.

  • SPD – 90
  • JMP – 88
  • CTH – 86
  • CIT – 86
  • SPC – 83
  • SRR – 85
  • MRR – 88
  • DRR – 87

Brian Dawkins – OVR 89 Campus Hero

Brian Dawkins is probably one of the best safeties you can get your hands on in Madden NFL 22. Having Dawkins on your squad can help you get many more fumbles during games. This makes the College Hero quite a valuable addition to have on your roster.

  • SPD – 88
  • ACC – 89
  • TAK – 80
  • PRC – 87
  • PUR – 85
  • MCV – 75
  • ZCV – 88
  • POW – 89

Joey Galloway – OVR 89 Campus Hero

Joey Galloway is an extremely quick Wide Receiver in Madden NFL 22. He previously played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Ohio State. The best position you can keep him in is the slot receiver. He comes into his best element when he is breaking out during attacks.

  • SPD – 91
  • JMP – 88
  • CTH – 85
  • CIT – 83
  • SPC – 84
  • SRR – 82
  • MRR – 85
  • DRR – 87

Galloway is a great player to acquire because of his potential to become one of the quickest players in the game. He also has the potential to increase in terms of his overall rating. This makes him a player to look out for the future.

This is all you need to know about the best Campus Hero in Madden NFL 22. While Reggie Bush rightfully takes the crown of being the best in this particular feature of the game, you can also check out the other players mentioned in this article. They can prove to be decent alternatives, if not amazing standalone players themselves. That being said, this list may feature new additions depending on future updates, so stay tuned.

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