How To Get Lunar Shards In Elemental Dungeons

Explore the location from here to get the Lunar Shards in Elemental Dungeons.

Collecting Lunar Shards in Elemental Dungeons to get potions or upgrade your Dash v2? You have come to the right place. We have given all the known ways to get this item in the game, including the location. Lunar Shards are one of the rarest materials and currency you can obtain in Elemental Dungeons. You’ll have to grind for hours to even collect the amount of Lunar Shards required for the Dash v2, let alone purchase potions with it. But they are worth the effort since the skill and buffs will make it easy to challenge bosses of Nightmare and other difficulties.

Though Lunar Shards are very useful as currency and material, they aren’t the only material that helps you gain more power. There are items like Corrupted Shard, Evil Drives, Evil Amulet, and Air Orbs, which you need to unlock and get certain upgrades. So if you are curious about them, you can check our Elemental Dungeons Trello to learn about them after you have obtained the Lunar Shards.

Elemental Dungeons Lunar Shards Location

Elemental Dungeons Lunar Shards Location
Image Credit: Toxicsludge10 on YouTube

Lunar Shards are heavy grind material & currency you obtain as a drop from the Level 45+ Dungeon enemies. They are dropped by the Desert Bandits Mobs of the Nightmare difficulty. Shard is purple, so you’ll easily recognize it, whenever it drops. You might have to grind multiple times to get even one Lunar Shard, or you might find it all in no time. There is no fixed drop rate known by now.

Being at level 45+ while grinding the area will give you the best results. You’ll complete the dungeons within the time limit and finish multiple to get all the required amount of Lunar Shards within a few hours. You should participate in time-limited events like the Halloween Event, which is going on at the time of writing. The event lets you unlock powerful and rare weapons, cosmetic items, and even mythic elements. With those in hand, you’ll clear the Nightmare stages even faster and collect Lunar Shards quickly.

That’s all on where to find and how to get Lunar Shards in Elemental Dungeons of Roblox. Dungeon exploration games are always fun to play, as you can never predict what you’ll get there. Elemental Dungeons is one such fun and adventurous game, with elements to obtain and master, you can learn about them through our Elemental Dungeons tier list and use codes to obtain them easily.