Luigis Mansion 3 With Co-op Announced At Nintendo Direct – E3 2019

Luigi's turns into a ghost buster

Nintendo Direct started with a few game announcements and later introduces new Luigi’s Mansion 3 game with new skills and hotel settings for Nintendo Switch. The game will be coming later 2019, an official release date has not revealed.

In Luigi’s Mansion 3, the main character Luigi visits a haunted hotel with Mario, Peach, and Toad. Luigi learn some new tricks to catch them like the Ghost Vaccum used to suck in the spirits. In another ability, Luigi can slam ghost and capture them into a suction cap and shoot them.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 also has a goo clone version of Luigi who can slip through fences and walk over the spike to unlock blocked path. The goo clone of Luigi is called as Googi and a second player can control it, this adds the co-op action in Luigi’s Mansion 3 allowing multiple players sit together and enjoy fighting the ghost.