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How to get Luigi’s Letters in Super Mario Galaxy?

In one of the missions of Super Mario Galaxy, you will have to locate three letters and this might take hours of completion. Check this guide for shortcuts on finding them all.

Some challenges in Super Mario Galaxy is time-consuming. Like collecting all 120 stars in the game to unlock Luigi. If you had not completed this challenge check the link or else we will continue with our Super Mario Galaxy Letter challenge. In one of the missions, you will need to find 3 Luigi’s letters. All three letters are located in different places and put in a struggle of hours to find them all.

The challenge unlocks after you save Luigi in Super Mario Galaxy. Luigi will appear in the main hub area of the game right next to the garage. He will send you letters that will unlock three different stages in the game. Each letter has a picture of stars, you will have to find him three times and unlock three stars.

Find a purple toad with mail sack, you can start the challenge by collecting the first letter.

Super Mario Galaxy Luigi’s Letter Location 1

After getting the first letter go to Good Egg Galaxy. The first star is located at the top of an orange pipe. At Good Egg Galaxy jump down from the right of the bridge. The screen will turn upside down, and you will find a tiny orange pipe to enter.

Now make your way to the roof using the platforms with a yellow arrow. Mario can walk on the walls like a ghost. Go on top and you will unlock the first star in Super Mario Galaxy.

Super Mario Galaxy Luigi’s Letter Location 2

Find the purple toad once again and you will get the second letter. This time you will see Luigi trapped in a circular cage in Battlerock Galaxy. Collect 5 pieces of the blue star at the star by moving around the floating platforms.

Jump over the big orange star to move near to the mountain. Jump on the pink platform to go up and the platform will start moving. Dodge all the incoming projectiles until it stops. Check below and you will find Luigi inside a cage. This is how you will collect the second star in Super Mario Galaxy.

Super Mario Galaxy Luigi’s Letter Location 3

The final star is in Honeyhive Galaxy. This one is the easiest after landing on the galaxy walk on the left of the waters. Continue walking to the end of the wall and use it to go right. Cross a small round garden and you will Luigi hanging on a tree.

That’s it you have done finding all three letters in Super Mario Galaxy and located Luigi three times in the game.