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Lucasfilm Wants Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order To Be A Shooter Game With Blasters

Stick to the Blasters

Talking to IGN Unfiltered Director Stig Asmussen shared some really interesting info on the gameplay approach of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order.  After Battlefront 2 which was in bad shape, purely a shooter game, it looks Lucasfilm was not ready for Jedi’s.

Asmussen shared that he was very clear about what he and his team want from the game before meeting with Lucasfilm.  However, he also shared that was a little bit of people eyeballing each other and somebody which he is unable to recall said: “What about making games with blasters?”

Asmussen said when he discussed about making the game with Jedi, Lightsabers and Force Powers, he can feel the reaction among the people how important Jedi’s are.

As long as we’ve got lightsabers and Force-powers, I’m cool – Ammussen

Really only Blasters? Star Wars is all about Jedi, Light Sabers and the Force. If the developer had decided to skip these elements what will it become, another COD with a spaceship? Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order proved to be a highly successful game in the year 2019 and grabbed Titanium Award for Game of the Year, Best Game Design and Best Adventure Game for 2019.