How To Use The FIFA 22 Loyalty Glitch?

Read this guide to learn how to use the Loyalty glitch in FIFA 22.

Players who have played FIFA 22 Ultimate Team have recently found a glitch in the Loyalty feature. While several players expressed unhappiness at the said feature’s presence in the latest iteration of the popular video game franchise. This glitch has actually proven to be beneficial to those that have found it.  In this guide, we will show you how to use it.

How to Use the FIFA 22 Loyalty Glitch?

fifa 22 loyalty glitch

Players in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team have now discovered that the game’s Live FUT Friendlies now track statistics. With the Loyalty glitch, you can use players in a match with absolutely no intention of completing the game. After starting a game, all you need to do is play for a short period of time. Now, you need to disconnect your internet. After doing so, you need to plug back into the internet. You will now notice that the game will count your match as one of the 10 required Loyalty games. Despite doing so, you will have the guarantee of having an unaffected record while FUT considers your players to have played a game. This means you can maintain a perfect record with no worry about how you will achieve the Loyalty requirements. Repeating this method around 10 or so times will help you effortlessly achieve the Loyalty requirements in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

This particular method, in theory, sounds quite similar to the older trick of getting around the Loyalty issue. In this method, all you had to do was enter a Squad Battles match with a featured team as your opponent. Once you enter, all you then had to do was immediately disconnect by quitting after playing for around a minute or so. After doing so, your players will meet the requirements for Loyalty. With this method, however, your match record will see changes. This means that each time you quit a match, it would be counted as a loss.

The new method, therefore, is much easier than the previous one. According to many players, the older method which affected your record has been patched by EA Sports. So, now that you know how to utilize this glitch to your advantage, check out how you can see Records in FIFA 22.