Minecraft Dungeons: How To Unlock Desert Temple Secret Level

Want to know all about the Lower Temple location? Here's how to unlock the Desert temple secret level in Minecraft Dungeons.

The DLC of Minecraft Dungeons named Jungle Awakens is here and it includes a secret level for players to unlock. It’s an update which includes some new items, new mobs as well as some game balancing changes. Those who have thoroughly enjoyed playing the game can look forward to a lot of interesting stuff in the DLC. But let’s talk about the secret level first. It is somewhere in the Desert Temple level that players must already by acquainted with. In this guide, we will show you how to unlock the Desert temple secret level in Minecraft Dungeons easily.

Minecraft Dungeons Lower Temple – Desert Temple Secret Level

To get to the Desert Temple secret level, proceed with the main level as usual. You will be tasked with finding a gold key. Once you do that, the next thing to do is to use that gold key to open up the gold door. Walk in and move ahead to the area where you will see four pathways merging together over water. It looks like this:


When you are here, turn left and head inside.

You might encounter some enemy mobs at this time, so take them out or simply dodge them if you can. In this dungeon, your goal is to find three structures to finally unveil the secret level. This is what you have to interact with, so look for them while avoiding or killing foes:


When you interact with all three of them, a new bridge will move upwards giving you access to the map. Pick up the map which will unlock a new location called the Lower Temple.


That’s pretty much how to unlock the Desert Temple Secret Level in Minecraft Dungeons. For more tips on this game, be sure to check our Minecraft Dungeons guides right away. We have helpful articles on defeating bosses and unlocking more secret locations.