Love Colors Nintendo Switch Review – Relaxing Pixel Art Coloring By Numbers

Love painting by numbers? Find out if you should try out Love Colors on Nintendo Switch.

Love Colors is a paint by numbers pixel art game that offers a variety of themes. Now, I am a huge fan of relaxing games (I can play ACNH for hours on end, trust me) which is why I jumped at the opportunity to try this one out. In this review, I will share my thoughts about the game which also has a fun co-op element. Is it worth your time? Find out!

Love Colors Nintendo Switch Review

First things first, the music and sound effects make a huge difference in a game that claims to be relaxing and this one gets it right for sure. It doesn’t get repetitive, manages to be soothing and doesn’t take your attention off the main task at hand – completing your artwork! But just in case you don’t want any music while playing, you can turn it off via the Settings.

Love Colors For Nintendo Switch Review

When you load up the game, it will welcome you with a menu where you can scroll and see all the different categories or themes available. Be it Fruits, Monsters, Spirits, or Food – there are more than 150 pictures to color. I would’ve liked many more options within every category but that’s just the coloring fan in me talking.

The coloring process is smooth – you can use the touch screen or the thumbsticks and buttons to color the pictures. It would have been even better if there was a pinch-to-zoom option too, though. Once you are done with coloring the whole picture, you can see a quick replay of your journey of painting it.

Love Colors For Nintendo Switch Review

In case you get bored of painting every tile, you can also use the bucket to quickly fill the paint – but you have to earn this feature and you’ll find out how by playing the game. Some paintings will be super easy to complete while others are more complicated. Yes, you will get 200 to 3500+ pixels to color in a single image and if you want more complex ones, you will find them in the Love Colors – Pixel Adventure DLC. This is what makes it fun for kids as well as adults to explore.

All the artwork that you have completed and also those paintings that you are working on will be shown in the ‘My Works’ tab along with a progress bar showing your completion. This is where you can easily find them in one place which is nice.

If you have up to 4 players who are fans of painting by numbers, you can join forces and play together by connecting the Switch to a TV screen. But if not, you can always play solo via handheld or tabletop mode.

So, if you are a connoisseur of painting by numbers, you can get Love Colors on Nintendo Switch and enjoy some cute pixel art. The multiplayer aspect of it is a fun add-on too!

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Worth A Try!

Perfect for Paint by Numbers Fans

It's very relaxing and the gameplay is smooth. Complete simple as well as complicated pixel art pictures and have fun!

  • Gameplay 8
  • Graphics 8
  • Relaxing Music 8