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Which Is The Best Factions In Lord of the Rings Rise to War?

Among 10 factions here is a guide on the best faction to choose as a beginner or an experienced player.

LOTR Rise of War has 10 different factions, each features a unique set of abilities and skillsets. Picking the right one is highly important for beginners as well as for an experienced player. For example, beginners can start playing the game with factions that focus more on defense. An experienced one can switch to a new faction that focuses more on marching speed or attack ability. This is going to impact your overall gameplay. This guide will help you to find the answer for which faction you should choose in Lord of the Rings Rise to War?

Best Factions In LOTR Rise to War?


LOTR Rise of War Factions

Once you picked a faction you cannot switch sides in the game. Certain factions will speed up construction while some offer you an XP boost. It all relies on the type of challenges you can take. For beginners focusing on defensive strategy is best. It will take some time to adapt the gameplay and craft a strategy, so going defensive will be easier.

For Beginners:


  1. Rohan: +3% March Speed
  2. Gondor: -5% Construction Time
  3. Mordor: +5% RSS Production

For Experienced:

  1. Lothlorien: +5% Commander EXP Gain
  2. Angmar: +5% Siege Damage
  3. Isengard: +10% Conscription Cost


Above is the list of best factions for beginners and experienced players of LOTR Rise of War. There are in total 10 factions in the game. Once you pick a side you cannot switch it. To make the faction thing easier to understand will share the list of all 10 factions in LOTR Rise of War.

  1. Rohan: +3.0% March Speed (Marshal)
  2. Gondor: -5% Construction Time (Swan Knight)
  3. Lothlorien: +5% Commander EXP Gain (Marchwarden)
  4. Erebor: -5% Conscription Time (Iron Warrior)
  5. Mordor: +5% Resource Production (Ravager)
  6. Isengard: +10% Conscription Cost (Snaga Thrak)
  7. Rhun: +5% Stamina Recovery (War Chariot)
  8. Angmar: +5% Siege Damage (Fallen)
  9. Lindon: +10% Wood, Grain Collection Yield (Noldor Longshot)
  10. Arnor: -5% Construction Cost (Ranger of the North)

LOTR Rise of War is divided into 6 regions. Every faction features some set of unique abilities that can help you to target a region. But if you are looking for an all-rounder faction then Lothlorien, Erebor, and Modor are the three best to try out. Lothlorien and Erebor are good for experienced players, you get +5% Commander EXP gain & -5% Conscription Time. You can benefit a lot from these against newbies. For others who are still confused can go with Mordor.


With the help of the above tips, you can now figure out which faction is good in LOTR Rise of War. We also have a guide on the best command in LOTR Rise for war, that has more detailed info about factions.