Lost Judgment May Be The Last in the Series Due to Dispute over a PC Version

Due to a difference of opinion, Lost Judgment could become the last installment in the series. This would be the fault of the Yagami actor Takuya Kimura’s acting agency, which allegedly prevents the release of a PC version.

Lost Judgment may be the last in the series

The agency of the actor Takuya Kimura allegedly insists on not having a PC release for the spinoff successor Lost Judgment. However, the responsible video game company Sega would like to bring the game out for the PC sooner or later. Kimura is the actor of the protagonist Yagami, whom you were allowed to play in the first part. The Japanese news website Nikkan Taishu reports on this.

So far, it seems that Sega has long-term plans with the Judgment series. In contrast to the main series Yakuza, the focus here is heavily on the action, while the RPG elements take a back seat. Incidentally, this is the reason why future Yakuza games will only focus on turn-based battles.

A plausible reason why Lost Judgment should not appear for the PC was not given. The agency apparently does not want a project of its actor to be offered on a platform that it does not associate with gaming. The Internet connection is said to be a problem, which makes no sense in view of today’s consoles and the Google Stadia cloud platform.

In any case, the PC platform plays an important role in Sega’s plans. Almost every Yakuza title can be played on the computer. Should Lost Judgment actually remain a pure console title, the agency in question is probably behind it. Because sales via the Steam platform represent an important source of income for the company.

So far, Sega has only announced that a PC version of Lost Judgment is currently not planned. However, a reference to this was found in the source code.