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Korean MMO Lost Ark will not release in EU and NA THIS year

The developer of Lost Ark, Smilegate don't have any plans for Eu and NA expansion in 2020

Despite the representative of Smilegate and CEO of popular Korean MMO Lost Ark stated last year that the game will be released in Europe and North America after Japan, it will not be coming to EU and NA in 2020. As per a report in Altchar, the developer of Lost Ark have not yet thought of its Western expansion.

We all know how difficult it is to translate an MMO from one language to another. Apparently, the localisation is the biggest issue for the developer of Lost Ark as it takes a lot of time and efforts to translate all subtitles and record new, English voices.

Apart from this, the developers are currently busy with the Japanese version, which basically means that you can forget about Lost Ark EU/NA servers in 2020.

The game has received rave reviews and turned out to be a big hit in South Korean and most recently in Russia. Thought, makers do not seem to launch Lost Ark Na in Europe and North America at any time soon. Notably,  there are millions of video game players, who would surely love playing Lost Ark playing in EU and NA.

In 2019, Smilegate said that Lost Ark will be released in EU but nothing has been said or done anything about its Western expansion. As per a Korean website, The Bell reports that Smilegate currently do not have any plans for EU and NA release at the moment and are focused on the existing versions and the upcoming Japanese release.

This news will surely come as disappointed for many who were waiting for the English version of popular Korean MMO Lost Ark but according to reports, Lost Ark is losing popularity in Korea pretty fast due to its poor endgame and monetisation model, which is described by players as “pay2progress”.

Additionally, the game was mentioned on consoles and mobile devices. Smilegate also thinks about “creating a new generation blockbuster, which can help them to generate more global response than Lost Ark.