Best Fuel Source In Minecraft (Longest Burning Fuels)

These are all the items/fuels which burn the longest in Minecraft.

Do you want to know what is the longest burning fuel in Minecraft? Then you have come to the right spot. In Minecraft, Hunting, Mining and, Smelting are important. For Smelting, you will need to have a fuel source that will help you convert those raw materials into the Ingots you desire. Below is a list that I have compiled that will you give you the best bang for your buck for a single piece of fuel. Here are the longest lasting fuel sources in Minecraft.

Best, Efficient & Longest Burning Fuel Source in Minecraft

Here’s the list of all the longest lasting fuels in Minecraft that will help you while Smelting.

Coal or Charcoal

coal charcoal longest burning fuel in minecraft

Coal or Charcoal burn for the same time and yield the same amount of smelted Items. They both burn for 80 seconds long which yields 8 smelted Items. Both these fuel sources are easy to obtain in the early game. These sources burn 8 Items so if you want to burn a stack of Items you will require 8 of them.

Blaze Rod

blaze rod minecraft

Blaze Rods seem like an unconventional fuel source but you would be surprised. A single Blaze Rod will burn for 120 long which yields 12 Items. Although it yields a little more than the prior fuel sources, without a Blaze Farm this fuel source is a bit difficult to obtain. To burn a stack you will require 5 1/3 pieces of Blaze Rods.

Dried Kelp Block – Best Renewable Fuel Source

dried kelp block

Dried Kelp has been quite a disappointing food source but when crafted into its block, it’s a whole beast and deserves a spot as the best fuel source in Minecraft. A block of Dried Kelp will burn for 200 seconds long which yields 20 Items which is a significant jump if you consider how common kelp is and how easy it is to farm and make this Block. To burn a stack of Items you will need 3 1/5 pieces of Dried Kelp Blocks.

Up until now, we have seen Fuel sources that burn Items that will fit in a Furnace. Below are two Fuels sources that will break this rule.

Coal Block

coal block minecraft longest burning fuels

You must be wondering why there are 2 Coal entries in this list. Well, this is a case where the block is better than its item. A block of Coal will burn for 800 seconds long! This yields 80 Items which is more than what a Furnace can hold. Also, a single piece of Coal yields 8 Items, which means the Block of Coal gives 10 times the amount but is made of 9 pieces of Coal. This is a Net Gain and a must for those early days Mega Smelting Sessions.

Lava Bucket

lava bucket

Last but definitely not least, not by a long shot is the Lava Bucket. To get it you need 3 Iron Ingots and then pick up a Lava Source from a Lava Pool or from the Nether. A Lava Bucket will burn for 1000 seconds long which will yield 100 Items which is almost a Stack and a half of Items. The Lava Bucket is the single longest burning fuel in Minecraft.

As seen in the list, a Lava Bucket is the longest burning fuel in Minecraft. So I hope this list has helped you in your journey. Want to do a Mega Smelting Session? Check out our guide on how to make an automatic Smelter in Minecraft.