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How To Get The Longbow Earliest In Ghost of Tsushima

The Longbow is a long ranged weapon that will help you stay hidden and take out enemies at the same time.

The longbow in Ghost of Tsushima acts like stealth and long-ranged weapon, you can take down multiple enemies without raising alarm. If you are looking for the longbow and want to keep a low profile, check out how to get it easily.

How To Get The Longbow In Ghost of Tsushima

The longbow in Ghost of Tsushima is an upgrade over the half-bow, it boasts of a higher range and power with addition zooming in on targets for greater accuracy.

Getting the longbow in the game isn’t straightforward and you will have to complete a couple of tasks before you get your hands on it.

The longbow will, however, give you much-needed cover and stealth options when you have to take down an army or storm a castle all by yourself, this is where the longbow shines the brightest.

To unlock the longbow, you will need to complete the Curse of Uchitsune Mythic Quest, in this quest you will also go up against a Tengu demon, so it is best to equip yourself with a gear that maximizes health and defense so that you do not die instantly.

To begin the quest, you will need to speak to a musician in the town of Hyoshi Springs at the large Inn. He will then instruct you to go to the Hyoshi Coast and find blue flowers.

The area is vast and you won’t have to follow a trail, simply keep your eyes fixated on the ground and keep searching for blue flowers, this will lead you to tomb in the midst of the Hidden Springs where you will be able to see a large rocky outcrop.

This tomb will be cracked and you will need to enter it, once inside you will see a painting which will point you towards Uchitsune’s Island. Follow the directions and get to the new area.

When you are faced with two islands situated off the coast, go to the island which is northeast, here you will find the blue flowers.

As you get to the island, you will see a cave in front of you, enter this cave and you will see another painting which will give you the direction for the next area where you need to go.

This new place will be northwest of Hyoshi Springs and is on a mountain, go to the center area of this new place that is marked on your map and head South from there.

Follow the path that you see right in front of you and you will discover a hidden temple here, you will see a shrine in the distance.

Approach the shrine and pick up the longbow, here your battle with the Tengu Demon will begin, use similar tactics as you would for other bosses, and if you see a red indicator simply roll out of the way and keep dodging until the attacks are finished.

Defeat the Tengu Demon and the longbow in Ghost of Tsushima will be yours, this is a powerful weapon that will often come handy when you have to raid a place. This is all there is to know about how to get the longbow in Ghost of Tsushima.