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Lost Ark Spawn Location: Where To Find Boss Casrick

Wondering where to find the boss Casrick in Lost Ark, then check out this guide for spawn location.

Lost Ark is the latest top-down fantasy massively multiplayer online action role-playing game on Steam that is garnering attention among players. It was the second most played game within twenty-four hours after its release. The game has a vast open land that you have to explore in order to complete your quests, gather items and resources, and of course, defeat the bosses. Casrick is one such boss in Lost Ark that you can find with this spawn location guide. If you are looking for this boss, then look no further as we have you covered.

Where To Find Boss Casrick Spawn Location in Lost Ark


Boss Casrick Spawn Location Lost Ark

Casrick is a boss you must fight for the items and resources that he drops upon defeat. This will have a huge effect on your progress. If you are wondering how you can find this boss Casrick, keep reading this location guide for your answer. You can find him in the Balankar Mountains, on the continent of North Vern. To reach the Balankar Mountains, you will have to first complete the questline of the continent.

Starting from Port Krona you will have to travel to Vern Castle, then head up to Rania Village. From Rania Village, you will have to complete the questline in Parna Forest, Vernese Forest, and Fesnar Highland. It is advisable to skip the side questline and just complete the main questline if you wish to rush to the Balankar Mountains to find the boss Casrick at his spawn location in Lost Ark.


Location of Boss Casrick in Lost Ark
Image Source: Max Clyde (YouTube)

The Lighthouse Village is the closest Triport. If you head up from the Mountain Entrance, Casrick will spawn towards the end of the map. Reportedly he spawns every two hours at this location and unfortunately you might have to wait for him. He is an easy boss to beat and drops quite a few normal and rare items on defeat. That’s all you need from this guide, hopefully, you can find the boss Casrick at his spawn location. If you can’t wait some time for him to appear.

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