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List of Items You Will Unlock After Buying Apex Legends Fortune’s Favor Battle Pass

Apex Legends Season 5 Battle Pass is now available for purchase. For 950 Vbuck you can unlock cool rewards and level. Here is a guide on Fortune’s Favor Battle Pass, a list of items you will unlock including Epic and Legendary Gears. There are two types of Battle Pass, first is the regular one that unlocks the first 25 levels, it cost 2800 V-bucks. So if you are willing to buy Apex Legends Season 5 Battle Pass then here is the list of things you will be getting.

List of all items in Fortune’s Favor Battle Pass


  1. 1000 Apex Coins and 1200 Crafting Materials.
  2. 1 Apex Pack with a Guaranteed Legendary Item.
  3. 1 Apex Pack with a Guaranteed Epic Item.
  4. 12 Apex Packs with a Guaranteed Rare Item.
  5. 2 Exclusive Legendary Character Skins (Mirage and Bangalore).
  6. 4 Exclusive Rare Character Skins.
  7. 2 Exclusive Reactive Legendary Wingman Weapons Skins.
  8. 1 Exclusive Legendary Hemlok Weapon Skin.
  9. 1 Exclusive Epic Spitfire Weapon Skin.
  10. 23 Exclusive Rare Weapon Skins.
  11. 5 Exclusive Epic Sky Dive Emotes.
  12. 5 Exclusive Epic Weapon Charms.
  13. 10 Exclusive Banner Frames.
  14. 10 Exclusive Load Screens.
  15. 10 Exclusive Kill Quips.
  16. 2 Exclusive Music Packs.

If you want more then go with Fortune’s Favor Battle Pass Bundle that cost 2800 Vbucks and unlocks the first 25 Battle Pass Levels. You can buy more rewards in Apex Legends Season 5. If you go with the bundle you will be directly on Level 26 where you will unlock Fool’s Gold Legendary Mirage Skin.

Can I buy the whole Apex Legend Season 5 Battle pass to unlock every level?


No, you cannot buy above Level 100. If you had purchased Fortune’s Favors Battle pass bundle for 2800 V-bucks, then the cost to unlock everything till level 100 is 11,100 V-bucks.