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How To Make Linen Threads Using Spinning Wheel In Valheim

Here's how you can make Linen Threads using Spinning Wheel in Valheim.

Linen Threads are essential for making many essential accessories, which also contain the best armor in the game. These threads are created using Spinning Wheel which is found later in the game. Since there’s only one method in the game by which you can make them, this guide on how to make Linen threads using Spinning Wheel in Valheim will help you to get started.


How to Make Linen Threads Using Spinning Wheel in Valheim?

make Linen Thread in Valheim

  • Linen Threads are produced using Flax in Spinning Wheel.
  • You can get Flax by exploring Plains Biome. The highest probability of you finding a Flax is nearby Fuling Villages.
  • Fuling are dangerous to encounter. Hence, you must equip yourself with the best weapons and gear to be fully prepared while exploring.
  • On the other hand, you will need to craft a Spinning Wheel.
  • Even before crafting Spinning Wheel, unlock it by defeating Moder who is the Fourth Boss in the game.
  • Once you defeat Moder you will obtain Dragon Tears, which are used to craft Artisan Table.
  • Only after crafting Artisan Table, Spinning Wheel can be crafted just like other crafting benches.
  • To craft a Spinning Wheel you will need 20x Fine Wood, 10x Iron Nails, and 5x Leather Scrap.
  • Fine Wood is abundant and can be found by chopping Birch or Oak trees.
  • Iron Nails are crafted by smelting Iron Ore in Forge. Each Ore Produces 10 Iron Nails.
  • Leather Scraps are either dropped by the Boar after killing them or you can obtain them while Mining Muddy Scrap Piles.


Linen Threads are used in making the accessories mentioned below.

  • Linen cape (Linen thread x20, Silver x1)
  • Lox saddle  (Linen thread x20, Leather Scraps x10, Black Metal x15)
  • Blackmetal atgier (Linen thread x10, Fine wood x10, Black Metal x30)
  • Blackmetal axe (Linen thread x5, Fine wood x6, Black Metal x20)
  • Blackmetal knife (Linen thread x5, Fine wood x4, Black Metal x10)
  • Blackmetal sword (Linen thread x5, Fine wood x2, Black Metal x20)
  • Padded helmet (Iron x10, Linen thread x15)
  • Padded Greaves (Iron x10, Linen thread x20)
  • Padded Cuirass (Iron x10, Linen thread x20)
  • Porcupine (Linen thread x10, Fine wood x5, Iron x20, Needle x5)

With that, you know everything about how to make Linen Threads using Spinning Wheel in Valheim. Also, Check out our guide on how to craft the Iron Buck on Valheim.