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How to use Lightsaber In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Attack Tips

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As Cal in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order  you will be using the power of Force and Lightsaber as your only default weapons. There are skills that you will unlock on progressing to new chapter and unlock new power, moves as well as boost your attributes like health by spending Skill points. But it is necessary to learn to use Lightsaber to attack an enemy, deflect the laser bolts, etc.

How to use Lightsaber – How to attack Tips


Press Square to attack an enemy, through the Skill tree you can unlock more powerful and stronger attacks. For example Delay Thrust, when you unlock this ability in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order you can perform a stronger attack when you press Square twice. So it all depends on which ability you choose, there are stronger one, single Square is for basic attack.

In a similar way when you will be jumping from a height and a enemy is standing below press Square after the jump to release a strong blow. Dash Strike is another ability that can release a shockwave you have to press Triangle for that. It can flip over any enemies in the range.

You can also press Square to perform follow up attacks, the best is to unlock new attacks from the skill tree, this gives you more power and range. Also there are skills that will increase the Force, Health and Stamina meter.


How to reflect Blaster Bolt and Block it?

Press L1 to block the incoming blaster bolt attack from storm troopers. There is a Block Stamina meter that depletes as you block the incoming attack and when it is zero you cannot block anything. To block enemies attack you have to hold L1, the stamina meters refills on its own.

Press L1 to reflect the blaster bolt back to the enemy, you have to learn to press it on the right time. Press L1 just before the bolt reaches near you to reflect it back on the enemy. To kill stronger enemies in one strike press L1 + Square. You can also use parry to stagger enemies.


How to Evade Attacks?

Press Circle once to evade any incoming attack. Call will not go far, he will be nearby and as soon as you evade once you can attack back again by pressing Square or by pressing L1 + Square. Press Circle twice to roll away, extremely useful when you are in the range of red attacks. This is where enemy turns read and uses a very high force to hit you. Roll away as far as you can.

Your buddy BD-1 will carry stims to restore your health, press D-pad down to consume one.