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How To Get The Light Bearer Mount In Diablo 4

Here's a quick guide on how to get the Light Bearer Mount in Diablo 4.

The long wait for a new Diablo game is finally over. Fans will have to wait till the 6th of June 2023 to get their hands on Diablo 4. A few lucky gamers get to try out the public beta of Diablo 4 to get a taste of what the final product will be. There are a few special bonuses that players can unlock while buying certain special editions of the game. Let’s look at one of these items the Light Bearer Mount and how to get it in Diablo IV.

How to Unlock the Light Bearer Mount in Diablo 4

how to get light bearer mount in diablo 4
Like previous installments of the series, players can purchase special editions of the game and unlock a few exclusive items. These items vary in their rarity. Some are just bonus weapons or items you can find further in the game, while others might have one-of-a-kind skin. The Light Bearer Mound is one such use item you can only unlock by buying a special version of the game.

Players can unlock the Light Bearer Mount by pre-ordering any of the three versions of the game. You can buy the Standard, Digital Deluxe, and Ultimate Edition. Pre-ordering any of these versions of the game will unlock the special mound for you to use in the game when it launches in June. Standard Edition will unlock the Light Bearer Mound and some other perks too. But the Digital Deluxe and Ultimate Editions will also unlock a few more special items. Temptation Mount, Hellborn Carapace Mount Armor, and even the Premium Seasonal Battlepass can be unlocked from these Editions. These items are mostly just for aesthetic purposes and they do make you stand out in multiplayer.

That is all you need how to unlock the Light Bearer Mound in Diablo 4. Check out How to Fast Travel and other Diablo 4 Guides here on Gamer Tweak.